2 July 2024 (Tuesday) - Still Whinging

Again I felt rough when I woke, and felt substantially rougher once I’d hosed out my sinuses with saline. I’m getting a tad fed up with this. Eating “Daddy’s Little Angel TM” left over McBurger yesterday evening probably didn’t help as I had a stomach ache which lasted far too long, and my back was playing up too.
I made toast and had a look on-line. Last night I spent an age trying to find an on-line form from which I could get a sick note. This morning I managed to find the right web page, but it wasn’t easy. Rather than looking for anything to do with “Ashford Medical Partnership” I should have been looking for “accessklinik”. Am I alone in thinking this isn’t as helpful as it might be?
I eventually submitted all the information that the surgery has already been told and hoped for the best.
I then had a look at Facebook. Last night the Facebook feds gave me an hour’s restriction on what I could and couldn’t do because in idly scrolling through I’d somehow breached their community standards. I’d love to know what I did wrong. Whatever restrictions I’d been under seemed to have passed, and I got my usual rummage done. There wasn’t much happening this morning, which was for the best really.
Feeling rather sick and still feeling as though I’d been smacked in the chops I wrote up a little CPD, then had a couple of hours sleep as that’s what I seem to do in the mornings at the moment.
I woke feeling iffy. Stomach ache, back ache, and sore gob still. I spent the afternoon sulking doing on-line jigsaw puzzles to get the final co-ordinates of geocaches I will hopefully go find at some point over the next few months.
As I puzzled I had a message – I’d been given a year’s geocaching membership as a little thank-you for my efforts for the hobby. That was a kind thought.
When I’d applied for my sick note I was told to expect it by four o’clock. I had a text message at half past five directing me to a web site where I could download it. The surgeon had told me that I should take three weeks off. He instructed the GP to give me a sick note for two weeks, and the GP gave me a note for two and a half weeks… That’s another week and a half in which to perk up.
I hope I perk up soon. Have I mentioned I’m getting a tad hacked off with being unwell.
I might do another geo-jigsaw before bed…  And I might whinge a bit more as well…

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