8 February 2024 (Thursday) - Rostered Day Off

I had a rude awakening in the small hours as Treacle got tangled up in the hose of my CPAP machine. Despite the noise of the rain on the window I eventually nodded off again and woke to see it was eight o’clock. I rolled over for a few more minutes kip and woke at half past seven. How did that work?
I made toast and had a look at the Internet. I sent out birthday wishes to a couple of friends, and then my piss rather boiled as I read an advert. My Facebook feed is often getting adverts from the MP for Milton Keynes. I have no idea why, but it is clear the chap has a very low opinion of the electorate. He really would seem to want to have us believe that pretty much everything good in the world (birthdays, summer picnics, little puppy dogs) is a direct result of Conservative policies. But everything bad in the world (debt, toothache and car crashes) is directly attributable to the Labour party. Sadly he’s probably got the right idea in that a lot of people will believe him. I remember my old mum once believing everything some politician or other said because she really thought that they weren’t allowed to tell lies.
Despite the rain I took the dogs out. As we drove the pundits on the radio were talking about shoplifting which is rife in parts of Britain. Organised gangs are targeting shops, no one wants a job as a security guard as it involves being threatened by the thieves, and the police are claiming to be too busy to get involved.
The answer here is obvious. Don’t hire security guards who are afraid of being threatened. Pay a thug (who likes a scrap) to be a security guard. Apparently they are allowed to use “reasonable force”. I’m sure that there’s enough who would be up for it.
We got to the woods and had a little walk. Ironically as we walked I met a pair of people doing some sort of a forest survey with a Forestry England van nearby. I got chatting with them and explained that I’d been trying to organize a litter pick in the woods but had given up as their admin staff operated too slowly. In my line of work I’m used to dealing with stuff which needs to be done right away. “Any time today” really is taking it easy; sometimes an hour later is too late in my world. The Forestry people were very nice, but they (very politely) pointed out that things are very different for them, and hinted that a year between my initial enquiry and getting formal permission might be more realistic.
I’m glad I decided to have the meet-up in a pub.
And as we drove home so my phone beeped to say that the meet had been accepted by the geo-feds. If you are at a loose end in a few weeks’ time…
We came home. The dogs had a hot shower and their brekkie and went to sleep. I got myself a bit of lunch and watched a film on Netflix. “Submarine” was described as a “comedy-romance”… but it wasn’t described as that by me. I would describe it as “a bit crap”.
With film watched bearing in mind that I’d had the thumbs-up from the geo-feds for my Plan B for the March geo-meet I started sorting out one or two of the details of that Plan B. That passed what might otherwise have been a rather dull afternoon. The rain which had soaked us this morning didn’t let up all day long.
I’ve set up seven new geocaches, one of which would seem to have already had the thumbs down from the geo-feds. I shall argue, but you win some, you lose some…
“er indoors TM came home and boiled up sausages and chips which we scoffed whilst watching another episode of “Junior Bake Off”. We are getting to the end of that series now; the kids in it seem to fall into two groups. There are those who just sail through somewhere in the middle, and there are those who are very good one week and very bad the next. One week they are star baker, the next week out on their arse.
It’s still raining.

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