2 February 2024 (Friday) - Bit Tired

Despite all the dogs being settled I was still wide awake, scoffing toast and watching telly before six o’clock this morning. “Peep Show” was entertaining enough, and then I sparked up my lap-top.
Even more people had asked to join the Dog Club Facebook group. This has had loads of requests to join just recently; I wonder why; bearing in mind that for every twenty members of the Facebook group, about one actually shows up.
I did more of my on-line course, and failed the third module exam. Having copied my answers I pressed the “Try Again” button and having identified the ones I’d got wrong managed to pass on the second attempt.
I threaded my way in and out through the bins which were randomly scattered across the pavement where the bin men had left them as I went to find my car. I set off to work listening to the radio as I went.
It turns out that the chap who threw acid over a young mother and her children was a registered sex offender who was also an asylum seeker whose application had failed twice before finally being accepted. There was an interview with the local MP who seemed rather concerned that the media were describing the attacker as an asylum seeker as this would probably lead to innocent asylum seekers getting abuse. She's probably got a point...  Here's a suggestion (which won't get taken up). Why don't the authorities catch this chap, then hand him over to the sort of people who would give abuse to the asylum seekers? He wouldn't attack anyone ever again, and potential attackers would certainly be discouraged, wouldn't they?
And the Labour party were being accused of back-tracking on their twenty-eight billion pounds green investment plan. The poor chap being interviewed was trying to explain that until he saw the books he couldn't really commit to spending anything. He's probably got a point, but that's not what the masses want to hear, is it? The trouble with our political system is that the two sides try to outdo each other with impossible promises until the one with the most outrageous and unachievable goals gets voted into power by those who are gullible enough to believe them. And then the gullible get outraged when those they've voted it are not capable of delivering on the impossible promises they made.
Is waiting until he can see what he can afford such an unreasonable political stance to take? It's a sensible one, but it won't win many votes.
Meanwhile the Japanese are planning to put lasers into orbit to zap all the space junk. How long will it be before they zap the wrong thing?
I drove normally up the motorway for half of my journey this morning, and drove at a shade over sixty miles an hour for the second half. Finding myself behind a police car I wasn't brave enough to overtake it. Unlike the motorbike that came past slaloming across all three lanes and weaving in and out of the traffic whilst driving far too fast. I would have thought that the police would have taken off in hot pursuit. They didn't. I'd like to think that they were already busy on their way to catch murderers. I suspect they were on the way to join the early morning gathering of police vehicles in McDonald's car park.
Work was much the same as ever. There was no cake, which was something of a disappointment. At tea break my phone pinged with a message. The head honchos at Munzee HQ have changed the rules so that you can cap a Greenie every day. That's good news for the Greenies, but effectively puts the tin lid on Qrewzees.
It's another world when you go round sticking bar codes onto lamp posts.
And I had a friend request on Facebook too. But not the sort of dubious scantily clad object of questionable gender. This one was from some weirdo who was openly selling bitcoins, but not to anyone in the UK.
What was that all about?
For some strange reason I got home fifteen minutes quicker than I did yesterday. “er indoors TM boiled up dinner then she set off out for the evening. I settled with the dogs and watched a film on Netflix. “The Bromley Boys” kept me amused; even if it was half an hour too long.
I shall see how much kip I can get before “er indoors TM comes home…

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