7 February 2024 (Wednesday) - The "H" Word

I would have slept better last night if not for the torrential rain. But once it finally stopped I nodded off shortly after two o'clock.
As I watched "Peep Show" this morning I remembered something I spotted on the Internet yesterday. Apparently there was a reunion of the cast last week...  a reunion at which most of the cast didn't show up.
With telly watched I got ready for work and set off. I took a circuitous route round Ashford capping POIs (it's a Munzee thing) before going to Sainsburys for petrol. With the Sainsbury's filling station near work closed for rebuilding I'm going to the Sainsbury's filling station in Ashford. I can carry on building up the Nectar points, and in all honesty it is rather amusing watching the attitude of the old bat behind the till. Some people really shouldn't work in retail.
Unlike the last couple of days the motorway wasn't blocked up with juggernauts slowly and dangerously overtaking each other. As I drove there was an interview with one of the head honchos of the British Dental Association who was being rather scathing about the government's plans to cajole dentists to move to the poorer parts of the country where dental services are lacking. The problem is that the NHS pays dentists for "units of dental activity", and there's quite a bit of disagreement about what should constitute a "unit of dental activity". Apparently dentists get paid the same amount for an NHS patient who only needs one filling as they get paid for an NHS patient who needs an entire gob transplant. Consequently there's little money to be made by dentists operating in the poorer parts of the country where the punters don't look after their teeth and are more likely to need entire gob transplants. Dentists would rather work in more well to do areas where the NHS patients brush their teeth and so require less effort on the dentist's part for the same money, or where the punters can pay for private dental care (like I do). 
There was then an interview with Sir Ed Davey, the leader of  the Dribbling Democraps, who was the minister responsible for the Post Office during the time of the Horizon computer system scandal.
To be fair to the bloke, he claimed that when post office workers told him their concerns he went to the officials responsible for the computer system. With hindsight it is now apparent that these officials lied. But at the time they said that all was well with the computer system. Who was Sir Ed supposed to believe? IT experts or people blaming the IT system? He was getting quite a load of stick on the radio this morning. On the one hand as the minister he was responsible for the failings of the IT system. On the other hand he cannot possibly be responsible for the functioning of the IT system; that's why the government employed the experts. Implicit in an expert being employed is the assumption that they won't tell lies.
I got to work and did my bit. At tea break I had my usual root around the internet; albeit a little later than usual. There was consternation on one of the "Dad's Army" related Facebook pages. Apparently you aren't allowed to mention Hitler over there. Bearing in mind when that show was set and who they were fighting against, I would have thought that was a name which would have come up with some regularity, but apparently not. Apparently the mention of the name sets off Facebook's automated censoring software and gets anyone mentioning it banned for a week.
And I saw some friends were moving house today. Going from Brighton down to somewhere in Somerset. I've seen precious little of Dave and Tracie over the last few years; I wonder when we will next meet up? This is the trouble with living where I do - everyone else is so far away.
This morning the motorway wasn't blocked up with juggernauts slowly and dangerously overtaking each other. As I drove home this evening it was.
I got home and spent a little while fiddling with the leccie to the shed. Somehow in the overnight storm it had all got unplugged and blown a fuse. It is sorted now, which is a minor result. I then spent a little while revamping the county geo-meet for March. I’d volunteered to organize it and had hoped for a picnic in Kings Wood following a litter gathering session. But the rules state that we would need the landowner’s permission, and (sadly) Forestry England have been less than co-operative over these last few weeks and months. It really was as though they didn’t want an army of volunteers clearing away litter.
Organizing another venue took five minutes. We’re going to the pub.

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