6 February 2024 (Tuesday) - Goldfinches

I had a rather good night last night; when the dogs are still, so is everyone else.
I made brekkie, watched more “Peep Show” in which one of the more annoying secondary characters croaked (Good!) then had a quick look at the Internet. I saw one of my less well to do friends was on yet another foreign holiday. I suppose it is cheaper to go abroad than holiday in the UK these days.
Four friends had a birthday today. I sent birthday wishes to two, the third had set his Facebook settings to not allow birthday wishes, and the last was someone I *think* I knew from astro club but has made no effort to contact me in the last seven years.
I had a sneaking suspicion that an old friend from college had his birthday today. For two years Dave Ferrier was one of my closest friends. Together we were known as “Dave squared” at college. Every lunchtime we would have a minor pub session, and he showed me all round the lesser-known parts of Brighton where the tourists don’t go. Sadly when we left Brighton Technical College (in 1983) we rather lost touch. The last I heard (twenty years ago) was that he was somewhere in the Epsom area.
I had a quick Munz session, then set off up the motorway. As I drove the talk on the radio was about nothing else but the announcement that the King has got cancer. Despite all that was known was that the King had cancer, there was endless talk and speculation. There was a lot of reassurances offered, but doesn’t it speak volumes that the black (ginger) sheep of the family has flown home to see his father?
I popped in to Sainsburys to get a sandwich (as I’d forgotten to make one this morning). As always all of the tills were closed, but there were plenty of staff standing round laughing at the customers struggling with the self-service tills.
Work was work. Half way through the morning one of my colleagues had a phone call. Her husband was having a day off today and he’d had a message from his boss. This boss was about to open the shop (a branch of a well-known chain where he is the manager) when he heard voices from inside the shop. Rather than calling the police he flung the doors open and charged in… to find bailiffs who had forced entry and an electrician cutting off the leccie. Apparently there is an unpaid leccie bill of about twenty thousand quid.
Will the shop be opening tomorrow?
I spent much of the rest of the day watching the antics of the flock of goldfinches who live in the tree outside the blood bank’s window.
And with work worked I came home… eventually. With total mayhem at the junction where I take the motorway home, I drove five miles the wrong way up the motorway, turned round at the next junction and drove back past the junction which was horrendously congested for absolutely no reason that I could see.
“er indoors TM boiled up a very good bit of dinner which we scoffed whilst watching moreJunior Bake Offwhich was rather good, and then the final ofTraitorswhich wasn’t.

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