1 February 2024 (Thursday) - This n That

Another bad night – if the dogs sleep at the foot of the bed we all have space. If they want to sleep next to me (or on top of me!) we don’t. I gave up trying to sleep.
Being the first of the month I got out a fresh razor blade. For all that one lasts all month long, you can't beat having a scrape with a new one.
I watched an episode of “Peep Show” as I scoffed toast, then sparked up the lap-top. The Internet seemed to be fairly quiet. I sent out the birthday video to the one friend having a birthday today, and I saw that someone else had a birthday today as well. Bill Mumy (Will Robinson in the1960s show “Lost in Space”) was seventy today. During a rather busy career he’s been a lead character in “Babylon 5”, he was in “Star Trek”, he’s been in all sorts of things on telly as well as being a successful musician… and everyone thinks of what he did when he was ten years old. That must be annoying – I suppose this goes some way to explaining why so many child stars don’t carry on in show business. If you have effectively peaked before you have left school, you would probably want to try something else.
I then chucked everyone out of the Munzee Clan in readiness for the new game starting on Saturday then did more on my quality management course which is turning out to be surprisingly interesting.
Having kept me awake for much of the night I wasn’t impressed to see the dogs sleeping so peacefully as I got ready for work. And then I set off to find where I’d left my car. Every day I park the car somewhere in the general vicinity of home, and then promptly forget where that was.
I found the car just down the road... I nearly walked past it as I had a vague idea it was halfway to the scout hut. I set off up the motorway in daylight (for a change).
As I drove the pundits on the radio were interviewing one of the head honchos at the British Veterinary Association about the rules concerning XL Bullies that came into force today.
With the RSPCA claiming that tens of thousands of XL bullies may not have the now legally required paperwork (the estimated total in the UK being between fifty and one hundred thousand) it was felt that this attempt to control numbers of the breed is just pissing in the wind.
The RSPCA's estimate looks a tad high to me, but what do I know?
Meanwhile one of the elected ministers at the Ministry of Justice is standing down at the next election following threats and his constituency office having been torched. I can't help but wonder what the police are doing about this. This is clearly a success for terrorism, isn't it?
I got to work and did that which I couldn't avoid. If all goes to plan this would be the last ever Thursday on which I worked. I suspect things won't go to plan. I've heard it said that God laughs when we make plans. But as Thursdays go, it wasn't a bad one.
At tea break my phone beeped. I had an email from Kent County Council. Last week I wrote to them suggesting that if they close a road for road works then they work on it until the work is done, and not leave the road works unattended for days on end. Today they replied to say they'd got my message, and would reply by the end of the month. I wish I had deadlines like that...
Sadly having driven into work in daylight for a core shift it was dark when I left work. But the sunset shortly before home time was rather pretty.
“er indoors TM boiled up a very good bit of scran which we scoffed whilst watching more “Junior Bake Off”.
I really should have an early night…


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