3 February 2024 (Saturday) - Rolvenden

It was a shame that again my phone decided to spend the night telling me about all sorts of trivial things to which it should have been oblivious (with its Internet connection switched off). I wish it wouldn’t do that.
I made toast and had my usual rummage about the Internet. A couple of days ago I mentioned the celebrity angler Matt Hayes. He’s now trying to make a comeback on the telly which he hopes to crowdfund. He’s asking for two thousand five hundred people to each chip in twenty quid. That’s fifty thousand quid to make a TV show. Is that how much it costs? Seems a bit expensive to me. Am I *that* naïve to think you could record it all on your phone and cobble the program together using Microsoft Clipchamp? After all, that’s what I plan to do for this year’s Geocaching International Film Festival (must get on with that project!)
And Facebook presented me with a lot of memories from Dover beer festival. In years gone by the first weekend of February was one of the highlights of the year – Dover beer festival. Fortunately for my head it isn’t happening this year as the venue is being refurbished.
Being Saturday we set off to the Repton estate. As we drove I noticed the car in front looked odd. There was a tree attached to it. I say “tree”; “sapling” would be a better description. Somehow when parked, someone had shut one of the larger branches of a small tree in the passenger side back door, and the driver had set off and pulled the small tree out of the ground; clearly totally oblivious to what he had done.
As we turned into the Repton estate so the squeaking started; the dogs know when they are going to Dog Club.
There was a relatively low turn-out at Dog Club this morning. Odd really when you consider that over fifty people have joined the Facebook group over the last week. Dog Club was fun… but the dogs were in an odd mood today. There were more quarrels than usual, and spring was definitely in the air with quite a bit of “dog piggyback” going on. Bailey escaped the field twice as well. We bunged up the holes in the fence through which she’d got out; I expect there are more to be found.
“er indoors TM set off to her craft group. I took the dogs home; listening to Steve on the radio as I went. I got the mystery year right – when did pound notes go and when did Kylie Minogue first hit the UK charts? 1988.
Once home we had a minor laundry session. Morgan needed the mud washing off. Bailey needed the fox and bird poo washing off. And I needed clean trousers having been tiddled up three times.
I did a little more of my Quality Management course and wrote it up on another blog I write. And then turned on the telly and dozed through episodes of “Peep Show” until “er indoors TM came home with lunch.
We then set off to Rolvenden for a little Munzee session. We wandered around sticking bar codes onto lamp posts, and scanning them. No matter how I try to big it up it still sounds rubbish.. All I can say is that Munzee really is nowhere near as lame as it sounds. As we wandered and scanned we got nine Qrewzees between us, more Qrates than sense, and barked at some other dogs.
We came home. “er indoors TM sorted out some rather good dinner which we scoffed whilst watching more “Junior Bake Off” then I fell asleep as we watched “Traitors”; a strangely popular program in which a couple of dozen people have to guess which four of them are actually a secret cabal using nothing more than guesswork and pot luck.
I spent much of the time staring at Claudia Winkleman’s haircut and wondering what she was thinking of

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