25 May 2013 (Saturday) - Hawkinge

Yesterday we walked for about ten miles and came home early for astro club only to find I'd got the dates wrong. It was probably for the best. We spent the evening drying out my mobile phone and er indoors TM" 's undercrackers whilst listening to the rain, and realising that having cancelled the camping weekend had been the sensible thing to do.

I woke early again, and as I got out of my pit something happened that hasn't happened for ages. I had a nose bleed. I used to get them all the time. Now they are very rare. A nuisance though, as I scoffed by brekkie with toilet roll bunged up my nostril.

We then set off to collect the troops and four of us and two small dogs went for a walk around Hawkinge. Regular readers of this drivel might expect that there would be a geocache involved. There was. Twelve on this route. Some of them weren't the easiest to find, but that's not a bad thing. We messed about in a graveyard looking for a gravestone when we should have been looking for a tree; we picked up another geocacher on the way, we had a good walk. As we finished the walk at mid day we met up with Hosey and we all adjourned to the Cat and Custard Pot for a pint to wash down our sarnies.
And then with the weather being so much better than yesterday we cached on for the afternoon. We found the two hides that me and Hosey couldn't find the other day. We found one right at the bottom of the Downs (having walked down from the top). We all trod in cow poo. Suzy-pup got allowed off the lead and she seemed to enjoy running. We had a really good time out.

We ended up just north of Folkestone at the bottom of Sugar Loaf Hill looking up. For those of my loyal readers who don't know the area, Sugar Loaf Hill is where they got the idea for Mount Everest from. Understandably we decided against going up there. We came home for a really good bit of pizza, cake and custard for tea.
And with er indoors TM" off for an evening's bowling and "Furry Face TM" snoring, I settled down for more of my on-line psychology course. Self awareness.... fascinating!

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