13 May 2013 (Monday) - Walk, Muzzle, Lego

I slept well last night, and after a spot of brekkie I was disappointed to find that the most recent fruit of my loin wasn't visiting today. So once I'd got the washing on the line it was only me and Furry Face that went for a walk. But it was a good walk nonetheless. From home we went up past the International station, along the footpaths into Hythe Road and over the motorway where I took today's photo. From here we came across the fields to the Quest factories where we followed the paths through Little Burton Farm past the rugby club down to the Stour Centre and home again. About five to six miles; a good way to spend a couple of hours.
Whilst we were out Fudge made a friend. He charged up to another small dog and they instantly started playing. I got chatting with the people with the dog who told me that he was a rescue dog. He'd been found wandering the roads in Charing, emaciated with a lot of fur missing and covered in scars. He was wearing a muzzle today because when found he used to lash out at anything that scared him. And a lot did scare him. Poor pup. He seems OK now, and only wears the muzzle on the advice of the rescue home.
We all walked together for a few minutes towards the motorway bridge. As we were walking some random twit stopped us all and asked us what we were playing at. Apparently it was people like us who give decent dog owners a bad name when we take obviously feral and dangerous animals out of our homes. I had no idea what he was talking about as Fudge and his mate were happily playing and rolling in fox poo. "Prat" was happy to elaborate; apparently decent people wouldn't have a dog that needed to be muzzled. The fellow with the muzzled dog asked "Prat" if he would like the muzzle shoved up his arse, and as I shook this chap's hand, "Prat" scuttled off.

I came home and ran round with the hoover and then unpacked my parcel. My belated birthday pressie had arrived - a 1970s lego train set. I've been after one for ages. It didn't take long to put together, and I had a fun five minutes running it round the track. Fudge seemed fairly interested in it, and I put a video of the thing on Facebook. I've been looking on eBay and have got some ideas. If I can find some table space in the house I might just make a train layout. Neither fruits of my loin use their rooms that much any more...

I then sat down for a spot of lunch and as I finished my sandwich I remembered with a bit of a shock that I had a dentist appointment in fifteen minutes. Woops. I got there in time though; and with my mouth having had it's six-monthly service (and my chipped tooth fixed) I came back home again and spent much of the afternoon doing more of my on-line psychology course. This week we're doing about how the brain works. Or doesn't...
Apparently over ten thousand people have signed up to do this course.
And here's something to make you think. The local elections were a week or so ago. In our area there are over twelve thousand people registered to vote. Only three and a half thousand of those turned out.
The chap who won got some twenty eight per cent of the votes cast. With an electorate of twelve thousand seven hundred and seventy nine, the winning candidate had amassed nine hundred and seventy two votes. Do the sums. Only seven point six per cent of his constituents voted for him but he got elected.
People wonder why I don't believe in our so-called democracy.

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