26 July 2012 (Thursday) - Walkies

Fudge had a good night. And consequently so did I. Perhaps I fuss too much about that dog. After we'd both had some brekkie and I had put the washing on the line, we went for a little stroll. Getting to Asda was easy enough, but it was shortly after here that things went west. There was a crossing over the railway, so we crossed; aiming for Park Farm. In retrospect I should have looked at the map before we crossed the railway. There was no footpath, and no way out of the field we'd walked into. Faced with backtracking a mile I picked Fudge up and carried him through a thicket onto the bypass. There was a dodgy few hundred yards walking along the bypass, but soon enough we found ourselves in Park Farm and back on course. Flushed with success we opened our pack and both had a drink.

The footpath up to Kingsnorth Church was clearly marked, and from here we picked up the Greensand Way, heading through Kingsnorth. The plan was to get an ice cream from the shop at the bottom of the hill. We found that he shop had closed down some years before. So we carried on along a lane, and then along footpaths. We crossed Long Length; a lane we often cycle down, and then across a corn field. It was at this point that Fudge collapsed. He just flaked out and wouldn't go any further.
We had a drink and a few minutes rest, and carried on. We left the corn field and found another lane we often cycle along - cycle route 18 on the far side of Singleton Hill. I once got a photo of a local for "CrackWatch" along this lane. We soon left lanes for footpaths again. And the pup which was on the point of exhaustion only a few moments before was now leaping all over the place chasing butterflies.
Once over the top of Singleton Hill we did take a wrong turn, but soon got back on course and took the footbridge over the A28 into Great Chart. If I wasn't on my own I might have popped into the pub for a crafty half. But I resisted temptation, and we took the underpass back into Singleton. Round the lake, along the river, though the park and home. Three and a half hours walking; probably about ten miles covered.

As I made myself a sandwich for lunch, Fudge lay down and slept for the afternoon. He's a good dog really. Whilst he slept I earned a few quid by doing some on-line surveys. I should do more of those really. They are easy enough to do; just time consuming, really.

"er indoors TM" came home and we set of to Folkestone. Collecting Sid and his entourage from the Admiralty we had a really good walk along the warren and back. Fudge and Sid seem to get on really well; which is probably for the best. On the way back to the Admiralty we stopped off and got fish and chips which made for a really good bit of tea.
I was worn out by the time I got home.... I hope that dog is grateful for my efforts today...

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