15 July 2012 (Sunday) - The Psychic Fair

I laid in perhaps longer than I should have today. By the time I'd got up, brekkied and mucked about playing "Candy Cane Saga" it was time to set off. Regular readers of this drivel might recall that a month ago I ran a stall at the psychic fair where I was selling paintings. Last time (after I'd paid the stall fee) I was five pounds down on the day.
Today started equally dismally. After two and a half hours I eventually sold a painting for a fiver. After three hours I'd just about broken even. After three and a half hours I'd had enough and was desperately hoping that someone else would start packing up. For all that I wanted to go home, I didn't want to be the first one to knock it on the head. I sat there for another half an hour sulking, and with only five minutes before the fair closed, a family came up to my stall, loved what they saw, and bought three paintings.
Having made some sales I suppose I'll go to the next psychic fair now. Mind you, it was quite peaceful sitting with my stall, alternately watching the world going by and reading my book on my Kindle app. There is something quite serene about the psychic fairs.

But from a purely mercenary perspective, if I'm going to make a go of selling paintings I think I need to find a better outlet. There's money to be made at the psychic fairs *if* you are doing tarot readings, poncing about with crystal balls, or having people pay you to rub their feet. It's been suggested that I try my luck selling paintings at a boot fair. I'm not keen on that idea - I would have to be at the boot fair by 6am. And the open day at Shadoxhurxt the other day drew a blank.
Maybe I might find when craft fairs are on. Do any of my loyal readers know when there's a craft fair going on?

I came home, totally failed to see that "er indoors TM" had a poncey candle on the go and I spilled molten wax everywhere. And then I got the news that the washing machine has gone west. Let's home the repair contract I have on the thing will stump up...

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