28 June 2012 (Thursday) - Gardening

I think last night's walk must have been more arduous that I realised - I didn't get out of my pit until gone 9am this morning, which is unheard of. I spent a little while applying for jobs I know I will never get, and then I mowed the lawn. First round the edges with the strimmer, then back over the lot with the mower. And then I raked the trimmings up. That lawn gets worse, but these days mowing the lawn is all the gardening I do. I then scrubbed out the pond's filter. A physically hard job, and smelly too. But it needed doing.
A bite of lunch, then I made up the beer kit I bought yesterday. It takes about six weeks to do, so it should (hopefully) be ready for the kite festival in Teston which is by some strange co-incidence in six weeks time.

I then spent a little while obtaining a PAC code. Having got my new phone yesterday and having started to tell the world my new number, I didn't realise just how widespread word of my old number had spread. To say nothing of having had all sorts of publicity material made up for Badger-Original-Landscapes-Bespoke-artwork (all of which had the old phone number on it). So I came to the conclusion that keeping my old number might be a plan.
I phoned my old phone provider and asked for the PAC code. They didn't want to give it to me. They wanted to keep my custom. Funny how their attitude had changed since yesterday. But I was adamant; they'd had their chance to deal with my complaints and hadn't done anything. After half an hour's insisting they eventually gave me the code I needed. I told that code to the new people, and the great number switch-over will now (in theory) happen tomorrow. Here's hoping.
If any of my loyal readers haven't got my mobile number, just drop me a line (or send a comment to this blog entry) and I'll send it through. If anyone's unsure, as of tomorrow the number will be one number less than "er indoors TM" mobile number.

I then did three on-line surveys. I don't get rich doing these surveys, but a few pennies here and there pays for little treats - like a bottle of port for camp. I scoffed a plate of salad for tea, and as "er indoors TM" set off to the gym I kept up the healthy theme by cycling to the astro club's committee meeting. Twenty minutes on the bike was good. We had a productive meeting - all sorts of things planned. I even had an idea for a talk I might give to the club later in the year, and I had a really good cycle home again afterwards.
Must get my bike out more often...

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