24 June 2012 (Sunday) - Rain Stopped Play

I was up relatively early this morning. The plan for the day was a walk in the countryside, but the rain had rather spoiled that plan. It was torrential. Which was a shame - I'd been told that we probably had about twenty people (and half a dozen dogs) lined up for today's planned event. It was only fair to let people know that rain had stopped play. Some would be coming from a long way away where it wasn't raining (like Folkestone). I've re-scheduled the walk for the end of July. Here's hoping the weather perks up by then.

Over a spot of brekkie I browsed the Internet. I saw the Kent Kite Festival was on today. That was kept quiet. You'd think that the organisers would have published and advertised the event. Mind you the same people who are doing this event run a kite festival every year in Tonbridge that I always hear of after the thing has happened. It's a shame because I wouldn't mind doing more kite-related things (if only I knew when they were happening).

The phone rang - Chip fancied going for a wander regardless of the weather (which was starting to clear up). Did we fancy a stroll round Kings Wood? We went along, and picked Fudge up on the way. We had a good mooch round the woods, but on reflection were probably right to have cancelled the planned walk. It was very muddy in places in Kings Wood: our planned walk would have taken us through several swamps. And would have had us rained on a couple of times as well.

We returned Fudge to the Fudgery (with instructions that he might need a bath) and went on a catalogue collection. Oh, how frustrating that can be sometimes.
When I deliver the catalogues I make a note of the houses we don't deliver to: those with signs up asking for no junk mail, or if the householders say they aren't interested. That way we know where not to collect from. "er indoors TM" made a mistake today and knocked on the door of a house where the chap living there had specifically told me that they weren't interested. The nice lady living there said she didn't remember seeing the catalogue (because I hadn't left one), asked for one, and made an order. I wonder how many other orders we are missing by not delivering to every house on the planet.

And as "er indoors TM" set off bowling I slobbed about in front of the telly. I was rather miffed to see what a lovely evening it was outside. I had half a mind to go out and do something. I wasn't sure exactly what I might have done though, and then it clouded over (again). So I stayed with the telly. There was a drama about King Edward VIII and Mrs Simpson which was relatively entertaining...(!)
I have so many channels on the Sky box. I wonder if a Tivo box has anything better on it?

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