12 June 2012 (Tuesday) - Change of Plan

Yesterday the weather forecast for today was glorious. So the plan was to go back to the farm this morning to do a little maintenance on the communal mess tent and to put away dry tents. There had even been talk of replacing gas canisters and rewarding ourselves afterwards with a fry-up or a cinema trip. But I woke to find it had been raining overnight and there was little chance of a break in the weather. So we left the tents where they were; still in the rain. Hopefully they will still be there in a few days' time.

And instead of sticking with the plan, I got on with the ironing, and did a few small paintings for the stall I shall be running on Sunday at the Psychic Fair. They aren't the best paintings in the world, but bearing in mind it's Father's Day this weekend there are a lot worse things you could buy for your old man than an original oil painting at knock-down bargain basement prices.

After lunch with the rain having slackened off to a mere monsoon I went out and delivered seventy catalogues full of bargains to an unsuspecting public. And whilst doing so I had a thought. Quite a few of my loyal readers are into camping and caravanning, and spend a small fortune on various accessories from camping and outdoor shops. If you click on the link above labelled "Stuff for Sale" and have a look at the first link there, you'll find all sorts of things which would be incredibly useful in your camp kitchens and for camping in general. And cheaper than you'd pay in the camping shops too (!)

And so home, where I got another five gallons of beer into the barrel ready for camping. (I suppose given notice I could supply beer for camping too!) This lot is in readiness for the kite festival in Brighton.... if I go(!)
Much as I do like the festival at Brighton, it looks like the availability of water might be a serious issue this time.

In the past we've got water from a toilet block a few hundred yards from where we camp. We have two forty-litre containers which we empty and re-fill several times each day. Each time involving a trip to the toilet block (easy enough) and a trip back up the hill to camp (hard work!)
Over this last year the toilet block had been burned down; this year water will come from about four times the distance away. And during the daytime there's no vehicle movement allowed on site (for obvious reasons). It's not fair to expect the ladies or those under the doctor with knacked shoulders to do the heavy lifting and carrying. Others of our contingent have refused point-blank to fetch the water because it's heavy. I've guesstimated that each water run will take me about forty minutes; and I shall be doing three runs a day. I don't fancy lugging water over the distances involved, but I expect I shall end up doing so. I'll dragoon the Rear Admiral into assisting.
We won't be doing all the washing up if that is the case though.... that job will fall to those who've turned down the option to lug water....

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