30 July 2009 (Thursday) - A Dull Day

Because I was on a late today I didn’t set my alarm, and I slept through. Which confirms my theory that I wake early some days because I know there’s an alarm with my name on it. Today I was woken by ‘er indoors TM ‘s alarm. Which went on. And on. And on until I poked her. I really don’t know why she bothers with an alarm – it never wakes her. It just disturbs me instead (!)

I had some time to waste before work – so back to NeverWinter where it would seem that kobolds are running riot. It’s as well that I was there to save the world (again). And then to Halfords to buy magnetic tax disc holders for my tax disc & parking permit. Some days of my life are really exciting – others are rather dull.

The highlight of the day was a conversation with a total retard who thought she was clever by naming her house “Shingles”. I just didn’t have the heart to tell her...

I’ve had one or two phone calls and texts today asking about plans for the weekend. Weather forecasts for Saturday range from glorious sunshine through to monsoons, with all eventualities in between being possible. So the garden party planned for Saturday is going ahead regardless of the weather (unlike arky-ologee clubs). We’ve got a gazebo & an offer of a big parasol-ly type thing. And “Daddies Little Angel TM ” has been assigned to tidying out the living room to make space for people.

Things might be a bit tight, but I plan to carry on regardless with idiot enthusiasm. It’s a life choice which hasn’t failed me (too badly) over these last forty-odd years…

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