16 July 2009 (Thursday) - Health & Games

I had a pig of a drive to Margate today. Pretty much every white van that had ever been built spent part of the journey trying to drive up my exhaust pipe this morning. In the end I got so fed up with them that I drove through Birchington at 15 mph just to wind them up a bit.

There was an interesting article on the radio on the way home. Some do-gooding busybody wants to do away with the concept of retirement. Apparently working until you finally drop dead is good for the body, mind and spirit as well as giving meaning to life. Whereas retiring causes low self esteem and is upsetting and insulting to the retired. I wish some people would bog off. I’d retire tomorrow if I could.

And so to the occupational health department. I hate sitting in doctor’s waiting rooms. They are full of helpful leaflets which explain why you’ve probably got every disease known to science, why you lead the unhealthiest life on the planet and tell you that you are too fat and that you drink too much. In the end, I wasn’t in there for very long. I’ve had enough of being a manager and having given my bosses a list of twenty-plus reasons why I feel I can’t cope with my current job I’ve asked for a grade reduction. Management wanted occupational health’s agreement that I was suffering from stress. After two minutes the doctor wrote the letter. I’m not sure what happens next, but for once the future at work looks a tad brighter. I doubt it will last.

Meanwhile back in reality the Azure Star has found pirates, and I’ve got to the second Mario world…

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  1. Well done mate. I know what stress day in/ day out can be like. Quality of life, enjoying friends' company .....and a beer, are much more important.