29 July 2009 (Wednesday) - Stuff

I woke up feeling a tad thirsty, and so went for a glass of water at 3am. And saw the washing up hadn’t been done. Once I’d scrubbed that and fiddled around with the washing machine, ironed some shirts, blah-de-blah I was nearly late for work.

Work was shorthanded due to the swine flu epidemic. People never think of hospital workers going off sick, do they? And then home to lend Joey a rucksack. It doesn’t seem that long ago since she was five years old and would try to drown me in the swimming pool. For all that she’s now twenty, I still see her as that five year old, and I can’t get my head round the fact that she’s off to Italy.

Tonight’s planned meeting of the arky-ologee club was cancelled at short notice. The plan was to got for a walk in an area of local archaeological interest, but because Michael “no hurricane” Fish says there might be thunder, the whole thing was called off. I can’t pretend to be the keenest member of the club, but if I keep my racket down, I usually get to go to the pub afterwards. Personally I was hoping for a quick thunderstorm, if only to wake up “sleeping beauty”.

Still, on reflection it’s probably for the best that the walk was cancelled – my knee still hurts. It’s been painful for a week now. Cycling is fine – I cycled about fifteen miles last weekend with no problems. But walking to post a card and back nearly did for me.

Whilst I’m listing my ailments in a futile attempt to gain the sympathy vote, my left armpit is still sore. It’s been like that ever since I was bought some pink deodorant at Brighton Kite Festival.

Whilst doing the monthly accounts I had cause to use my shredder. We got a shredder a while back because ‘er indoors TM said to, and who am I to argue? I thought there was something suspicious when I saw that the thing had been emptied. Far be it from me to name names, but it was working fine when I last touched it, and now it’s knacked. And didn’t I see a hand-operated shredder downstairs the other day?

There’s not a very long list of suspects…

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