22 July 2009 (Wednesday) - Stuff

I slept right through until 6am today. I was impressed, and ironed six shirts in celebration. As I hung the washing on the line, the fish were particularly noisy. Bloodworms seem to breed in the filter box, and the fish lurk by the waterfall to get the bloodworms as they fall out. The fish were slurping particularly loudly this morning. You wouldn’t think a carp could be a noisy animal. I suppose they’ve been taking lessons from the rest of the family.

As I got in my car today, I found myself giving my roof box an experimental prod. It seems that baboons in a safari park have learned how to open the boxes. Not content with ripping off wing mirrors and windscreen wipers, they now destroy roof boxes. I can’t imagine how anyone would be so dumb as to drive through one of those places – and I can vouch for having done some pretty dumb things.

I looked out of the window this evening to a scary sight. Not only had “My Boy TM ” not been arguing with his sister for a full half an hour, but he was also getting the laundry in from the washing line. That boy is up to something. I wonder what…

And then to the World’s Wonder – my current “favourite pub”. With a decent ale (Wonderbrew) and food which really is home made, it’s a shame this place isn’t closer to home. In a few weeks time they are having “A Night of Nostalgia with an Old Time Sing-A-Long”. This event apparently features Elspeth at the pianoforte, and I wouldn’t miss it for all the tea in China.

We were at the pub for a meal to celebrate Chris’ birthday. He’s fifty, you know. Fifty. That’s ancient. I shall be fifty in five years time. I don’t feel old at all. I suppose everything is relative, as Albert once said. Mind you, I am hobbling about like an old man today. My right knee has been incredibly painful all day. At 10pm ‘er indoors TM admitted she’d hoofed me in the knee last night because the gentle sounds of my rhythmic breathing were keeping her awake. Pah !

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