18 July 2009 (Saturday) - Dungeness

A day at the seaside. A gaggle of us went to Dungeness. The lighthouse is a good place to visit, if a tad scary if you’re not good with heights. Which I’m not. But half a dozen of us braved the heights. The view from the top was good, and we wondered about the naval ship that was sailing past. We looked for dolphins, but didn’t see any. But I got to take quite a few photos with my USB binoculars, and they are now sitting on Facebook. If you scroll down a bit, on the right hand side of this page there’s a link to my Facebook photo albums. I had a plan to move all my photos to Picasa so’s they would be accessible in slide shows via the Blogger software, but in the end, I couldn’t be bothered.

Climbing down the lighthouse was probably more scary than going up it, and then we adjourned for a bite to eat. There’s only one pub near the lighthouse, and whilst the food was good, it wasn’t cheap. And there was a bit of an attitude from staff. OK, I can understand that they are not keen on providing bowls of warm water for warming baby food. I can see that there may well be health and safety issues. However if a bowl of warm water is to be labelled as a danger, then so must be bowls of soup, and cups of tea and coffee.

I detest pubs (or any business come to that) who feel that because of their location they have a monopoly and can act as arrogantly as they please. I suppose they make their money from the tourist trade, and don’t expect people to return. A shame, because next time I’m in Dungeness, we shall drive elsewhere to find a pub.

And then we popped into the lifeboat station to have a look around. It never fails to amaze me that lifeboats are funded on an entirely voluntary basis. When you think of what the government wastes money on, surely lifeboats deserve a contribution?

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