2 April 2024 (Tuesday) - Spare Cake (?)

With the kebab not sitting well it took a little while for me to get off to sleep last night. It was a shame that her next door had either a nightmare or very noisy sex at quarter to three. Whichever it was, there was a lot of screaming. I’ve not seen her today; I do hope she wasn’t being murdered. What’s the etiquette for that sort of thing?
I didn’t get back to sleep after that.
Over toast I watched an episode of “Friday Night Dinner” then had a quick look at the Internet. One day it might be different; today it was dull. I sent out a couple of birthday wishes, and got ready for work. Now the clocks have gone forward I put on a summer shirt. I have summer and winter shirts (doesn’t everyone?)
I set off to work through the rain. As I drove I listened to the radio. I've not done that for a week; it's amazing how quickly you can get out of touch with the world. As a child I couldn't understand my grandfather's fascination with the news. It was so dull. It is still dull, but you miss so much if you don't pay attention.
Aid workers in Gaza have been killed by Israeli forces. This isn't the first time innocents have got caught in the crossfire. The Israelis are doing themselves no favours.
And the Prime Minister has announced that fifteen hours of free childcare is now available for working parents of two-year-olds. Or, to be precise, working parents of two-year-olds are entitled to fifteen hours of free childcare. A subtle difference, maybe. However being entitled to it doesn't mean they will get it. There aren't actually enough spaces in nurseries for all the two-year-olds because there aren't enough nurseries. Here we see the stark difference between Conservative and Labour philosophy. The Conservatives announce the policy and expect private enterprise to deliver. Which it doesn't. On the other hand Labour would have child care delivered by the state... if it were to be offering it. Which it isn't keen to do because there aren't enough nurseries for all the two-year-olds. Neither party can deliver, but have different reasons for not doing so. There's something to think about when casting your vote in the upcoming elections. We don't so much choose what we want, rather we choose our reasons for not getting what we want.
As I drove up the motorway my phone beeped. I could see from the notification on my watch that there was a new virtual geocache at Hadleigh castle. Bearing in mind that these things are rather rare and so getting to be first to find one of these takes some doing, I got rather excited. Hadleigh castle isn't far off of my way to work... And then I realised. It is Hadlow tower which isn't far off of my way to work. Hadleigh castle is in Essex.
Oh well...
I got to work and did that which I couldn't avoid. But there was cake. Lots of it. Someone back from maternity leave had made Easter cupcakes, someone had a birthday last Saturday ,and someone else had brought in a spare cake. "Spare cake". Not a concept I understand...
With work worked I came home slowly. “Operation Brock” is a pain in the glass. “er indoors TM boiled up chili and I scoffed an Easter egg for afters.
My guts haven’t been right all day – I suspect this won’t help them.
Being at work today my step count was under four thousand steps. This last week when I wasn’t at work I didn’t have a day with a step count under ten thousand.

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