30 September 2020 (Wednesday) - A Day's Leave

After the tirade of abuse I got on Facebook last night I was rather pleased to see that the thing was far more quiet this morning. Saying anything at all on any public group on social media is usually a mistake. A good example of this was on one of the Lego pages. As I scoffed toast I read a rather bitter exchange between two people. One had bought Lego by mail-order and the box had got a bit squished in transit. You wouldn’t believe the hatred and bile that was being spewed over the matter. But not spewed at the delivery service; spewed at the chap who’d dared to mention the matter.


Despite the altercation at the woods yesterday I took the dogs back there today. We had a far better walk this morning. I mentioned yesterday’s episode to a couple of other dog walkers I’ve come to recognise. They both immediately recognised my description of the pair I met yesterday and said they’d had issues with them too and recommended I should contact the dog warden at Ashford council.


Once home I went into the garden. With rain forecast I wanted to get the garden jobs done. Last week I’d bought the makings of a water feature and had taken today off work just to get the thing built. The electrics were in place from a previous water feature, and it took far less time than I had expected to wire the thing in. I’d been expecting that building the water feature would take all morning; it was done in less than an hour. So with time to spare I re-potted a shrub and painted a couple of garden ornaments.

I took a few photos as I pootled. The next garden project must be to sort the lawn out. It is *so* patchy.


With rain forecast I retreated to the sofa where I wasted half an hour trying to register an account with Ashford Council so that I could let the dog warden know about yesterday’s episode. In the end I gave up, and spent almost as long trying to deploy a Munzee somewhere in Canada.

With Munzee deployed I then had a look at my work pattern for the next few weeks. It never hurts to check that I think I that am working (and have taken as much leave) as the boss thinks I’ve done. I geo-jigsaw-ed for half an hour then got on with the ironing.


As I ironed I watched a DVD (now that "er indoors TM" has fixed the DVD player). “Power of the Daleks” was probably state-of-the-art sci-fi fifty years ago, but it has lost something over the intervening years. It has to be said that daleks are crap. They are totally oblivious to anyone hiding behind the sofa, and they have the mentality of a football hooligan; being only to ready to join in with whatever hateful chant is being shouted.

I then geo-jigsaw-ed some more until "er indoors TM" boiled up dinner.


Today was a day’s holiday – I’m worn out…

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