31 August 2020 (Monday) - Bank Holiday

Despite having downed copious amounts of European lager yesterday I didn’t sleep well. A combination of belly ache and backache meant that I saw every hour of the night. But having changed my CPAP’s nose fitting for a full face cover I didn’t wake up with a sore nose today, which was something of a result.

Seeing a space outside the house I moved my car so that it was right next to the van that "er indoors TM" had hired. The van has to go back today, and still being full of tat we could unload it into my car that bit quicker.

I made myself some toast, and settled myself of the sofa. Fudge helped me eat my toast as I peered into the Internet. It was much the same as how I’d left it really. I then had a look at that Lego set I’d bought yesterday. Some of the individual bricks were fake Lego. I shall have to take the thing apart and find out just how much of a swizz this set was.

"er indoors TM" emerged from her pit, and we emptied that van into my car. It took some emptying. And with tat transferred we took the dogs out. Effectively being without transport we walked round the park, and reminded ourselves why we like going to the woods.

Keeping the dogs out from under the wheels of passing cyclists was a mission in itself. I suppose that we didn’t pick *that* many fights really, but one silly woman boiled my piss. She walked past as we were playing at the dog beach. Pogo saw her and wandered in her general direction. Said woman went hysterical, shrieking that the small dog with her had been attacked by some other mutt and could not be in the same universe as any other dog. It was a shame as her little dog clearly wanted to play, but she marched on, and we carried on spuddling in the river.

We came home and "Daddy’s Little Angel TM" came on a flying visit. She then departed (taking Sid to the vet). "er indoors TM" and Cheryl set off to return the van to the car hire, and I carried on painting fence panels. I got half of one done before deciding that my back really did hurt too much to continue. 

I came in, and alternately read my Kindle and dozed in between hanging out laundry and fetching in laundry until five o’clock. We then collected "My Boy TM" and Cheryl and drove to Hythe. There was a minor family gathering at “Sunshine” – a rather good Turkish restaurant. I had a particularly good mixed grill. I stuffed myself silly and what with the government’s “eat out to help out” scheme it only cost us a tenner each.

We skipped puddings; we were all stuffed, and "er indoors TM" had boiled up an apple crumble. That went down rather well…

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