15 February 2020 (Saturday) - Geo Meet

Our toaster is a temperamental old thing. I like my toast “cooked” whereas "er indoors TM" likes hers “slightly warmed”. This morning when my toast popped out I saw the toaster had been set to “slightly warmed”. I stuck it back in for a few seconds only to get incinerated charcoal come out. I wish the toaster wouldn’t do that.

Facebook was interesting this morning. Yesterday I’d had a whinge that geocaching was dying as only maybe one hunter of Tupperware in twenty actually hides and film pots under rocks. I was told in no uncertain terms that I was talking out of my backside, and that there are three million of the things for me to go and find. The fact that there was not a lot left for me within a couple of hours’ drive of home was neither here nor there. Since then some other people had chipped into the squabble agreeing with me.
Overnight three series of caches had gone live. Nearly a hundred new caches – but all put out by the same person. I did laugh when she suggested that others might put out series for her to do – she’s got a point.
I spent forty-five minutes trying to solve one of the new geo-puzzles by doing an on-line jigsaw puzzle, then turned it off half-way through in frustration. I *really* detest jigsaw puzzles. But if that is the only way we can have new geocaches…

We got ourselves and the hounds organised and drove out to Badlesmere. "er indoors TM" had organised a series of geocaches to go live this morning. We’d stashed the film pots under rocks a couple of weeks ago, and today we went out to find them. Nine of us braved the weather forecast and went for a little stroll.
There was a minor hiccup at the first cache. "er indoors TM" had put the thing at the base of a large tree, but the recent storms had brought the tree down. Whoops!
We pushed on, and had a rather good walk catching up with friends we don’t see that often.
The weather forecast for the day hadn’t been good, but it had been accurate. A windy morning (which we had) with rain coming at mid-day (which it did). The rain started just as we arrived at the Red Lion. Again the Red Lion came up trumps for us. I’d arranged with them to have an area for the monthly geo-meet, and we had about twenty people turn up for a really good meet. We chatted, we drank, I had the sea bass for dinner; I’d decided on this from the last time we were there, but there is so much on the menu that I’d like to have next time.
After five pints, two glasses of port and a gin (and tonic) it was time to come home.

I woke up a few hours later… I expect I shall have a headache tomorrow…

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