28 February 2014 (Friday) - Internet, Cybermen

I slept well last night for a change, and got up shortly after 7am. I put the last of the food left over from last week's party out for the recycling dustmen. It was probably all past it's best by Monday and was probably the reason why I had bad guts during the week.
Whilst I am glad that we had enough to feed everyone at the party, it's a shame so much went to waste.

Normally I would have taken "Furry Face TM" for his walk, but the rain was rather extreme, so I did chores and some more of my "future of the internet" essay until I gave in to his worrying to go out. The rain hadn't abated, and we were only out for five minutes before I was soaked to the skin and my dog resembled a sea lion.
We came home and I did more of my on-line course. I'm now onto internet technology, and with ninety per cent in today's quiz and one hundred per cent in my first essay I suppose the course is going well. During the video lectures "Furry Face TM" jumped onto my lap, looked me in the eye and stole one of my biscuits. He raided choccy from er indoors TM" handbag yesterday. I think it's time to take a firmer line with that dog.

With the rain having slackened off to a medium monsoon I walked the pestilential pup round the park. He was relatively well behaved, even if a passing normal person warned his child not to stroke "every wild dog you see in the park".
Home again. Earlier on Facebook I'd read that KFC are going against God and Nature by breeding multi-legged mult-winged (and presumably multi-breasted) birds to sell in their establishments. It never fails to amaze me how the public beleive such utter drivel, but it left me fancying KFC for lunch. TIme was I would have that stuff all the time. Now it's an ocassional treat. As I scoffed I watched "The Moonbase" DVD which "My Boy TM" had got me for my birthday. A Doctor Who story from nearly fifty years ago, only half of the show exists; the other half has been reconstructed in animated format, and is absolutely brilliant (or really sad, depending on how much of a geek you are).

And then being the last Friday of the month I set off to astro club. We had an AGM; albeit a little overdue. I was again elected as Treasurer. It's not an arduous position, but it's something I can do for the club. We then had a presentation about future plans, I hawked the raffle, and Stevey gave a rather good synopsis of the constellation Leo. It was only a shame I had to leave early. Got to work tomorrow...

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