24 February 2014 (Monday) - Wye

Another restless night – fortunately the morning’s post brought my referral to the sleep clinic. I was pleased about that.
After a spot of brekkie I took “Furry Face TMfor his morning constitutional. We went up past the civic centre, out through the back of Hythe Road and home via South Willesborough, Frog’s Island and Pets at Home. We only tried to fight with two motorbikes, a milk float, a removals lorry and one cat, so the walk was rather uneventful.

I’d bought my dog a stuffed bone in the pet shop, so once home I settled him down with said bone and went up to town. There was money to pay into the astro club’s bank account and a cheque to pay into my bank account. And I’d been given money and vouchers for my birthday so I had plans to see if I couldn’t buy something or other. Family and friends have been really generous (for which I am very grateful), and I thought I’d treat myself. I’ve been toying with the idea of a saxophone for some time…
Whilst in the first bank my phone rang. The matriarch of Kent geocaching wondered if I knew that a series of geocaches was going live even as we spoke. I didn’t, and made a snap decision to chase some First to Finds. So I abandoned all plans and voomed home, collected “Furry Face TMand my wellies and set off to Wye.

As I parked my car I saw a familiar face. One of the local cachers had been for the first cache in the series, couldn’t find it, and his phone had gone flat. So together we went back to the cache and together we couldn’t find it either.
We did find the next two though, and we were the first to do so. But after the third cache Simon had to leave us and go to work, so Fudge and I carried on up the Downs where, despite an intensive search we failed to find the next cache. We got the two after that, and then broke the next one. I say “broke”; I’m taking the line that having been out in the rain for some weeks has taken its toll (they went live today but were hidden six weeks ago).

At this point of our walk we were at the top of Wye Downs. Some wonderful scenery; the best views for miles around, one of the highest points in the county and through some amazing feat of local geology it was one of the muddiest places I have ever found. “Furry Face TMwas actually swimming through the mud.
The next cache eluded us entirely, but we got FTF on the next two. Just as I was approaching the last cache I met a young family coming the other way. They fussed my muddy dog, and we chatted politely. It was only on reading the log at the next cache that I realised that this young family were also geocaching, and had beaten me to the last FTF by fifteen minutes.

And so home where I hosed my dog down half a dozen times until he was eventually mud-free. I took a few photos whilst we were out, and I put them on-line. As I did so I had an email from the people who look after the hall in which we stage the astro club. They have had a minor disaster and there is currently no running water or functioning toilets in the hall. And there won’t be for Friday’s meeting either. That’s a nuisance.
I then got on with dyson-ing and doing the laundry and washing up and all the dull old trivia. As I took the recycling out I found a five pound note lying in the front garden. That was a result. I then fell asleep in front of the computer for a couple of hours.

With ‘er indoors TM off bowling I watched the BattleStar Galactica prequel movie “Blood and Chrome”. It was quite good really, even if I did seem to lose interest half way through…

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