22 February 2014 (Saturday) - Party

I woke at 3.30am this morning. I lay awake for an hour then got up and watched rubbish on the telly for an hour. I went back to bed and lay awake for another hour. By the time I took “Furry Face TMround the park for his walk the day felt half gone even though it was only 9am.
The park was full of runners, as it is on a Saturday. So we gave up on that idea and wandered some local streets before coming home. I tried to sleep, but it wasn’t happening. I phoned the GP to complain about how long this referral to a sleep clinic is taking and got put through to NHS 111 and some nice lady who meant well, but really didn’t speak English.

Once home ‘er indoors TM  emerged from her pit and started baking. “My Boy TMarrived and leaving the girls to do kitchen things we drove up to the Elwick club. The afternoon vanished in a blur of driving here and there fetching and carrying, and it wasn’t long before the party was in full flow. We were expecting just under two hundred people, and the place became rather full as the evening wore on. I didn’t manage to spend time with everyone; but it was rather humbling to have so many people turn out. The food was excellent, the band were (to coin a phrase) “not too shabby”; even despite the guest vocalist of “yours truly” for “Mr Blue Sky”.
A wonderful evening with some truly wonderful people. For all that I whinge and rant here, my life’s not that bad you know….

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