30 December 2010 (Thursday) - Still Poorly

The plan for today was originally to be a pub lunch somewhere in Sussex for my brother’s birthday, but as everyone seemed to be down with the Xmas bug, this has been postponed until everyone is feeling better. Which was probably for the best, even though it’s somewhat frustrating. I’ve not been off work for my brother’s birthday for years.
So I had a lie in, and then spent a little while helping “Daddies Little Angel TM with her UCAS application. I then went back into NeverWinter for the first time in a week. The place had been over-run by water elementals. I hate those things. If you’ve never been on the receiving attempt of a water elemental severing itself to do a drown attack, think yourself lucky (!)

Then a bit of shopping – to Staples to get some Velcro bits for the posters from the astro club. I’ve obtained an old jigsaw board in which we can keep the posters flat. And with them being kept flat they will now stay on the boards I got a year ago.
Whilst we were out we unloaded the rubbish telescope onto a friend who said he had a use for it. If nothing else it would save me taking it to the tip.
And then to B&Q for a new yard brush (the old one broke) and some new light fittings for the living room (the current ones are broke). In complete contrast to my recent visits to B&Q, the staff were really helpful. Let’s hope that continues.

We came home to find the postman had been with a week’s worth of post. With bank statement and credit card statement I was able to have a look at the state of my finances. They’ve been better (!) I then spent the afternoon sleeping whist the DVD machine played episodes of “The Comic Strip Presents”.

If I wasn’t on holiday, but at work today, I would have phoned in sick. I might just have a word with management next week and see if I can’t take this week as sick rather than as holiday. It’s not like I’m doing very much other that alternating between sleeping and feeling sorry for myself….

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