20 December 2010 (Monday) - Still Snowing

A good night’s sleep, to make up for yesterday’s restlessness. Perhaps having the heating on continuously helps in that regard. The BBC tell me it’s been minus eight degrees outside at one point today. I dread to think how much the gas bill will be, but I’ll worry about that after the snow has gone.

I’ll start today with an apology. Which is rather unlike me!
I mistakenly added the “Who Has Deleted Me” app on Facebook which immediately spammed all 250 people on my list. If any of my loyal readers got that spam, I can only apologise. Sorry ! After a bit of fiddling about I figured out how to delete that app. Whilst I was at it, or or two other apps went too, including the “Pubs Galore” one, “Pet Smurfs”, “Are You Kinky or Fridged” (!), “What Prom Dress Best Suits You” and “How Biggg is Yur Nob”. From the settings I could see that I’ve not accessed any of these for over six months. I can’t help but wonder what I was thinking of when I clicked on some of these.
I say “one or two” went. I deleted over thirty. And then I got a bit bored with all the clicking, especially when I saw that I had over one hundred and fifty apps loaded on Facebook. So I decided to use the “delete all” option. It’s not as though I use any of them.

Through the snow to work, where I got rather angry. Because of the snow, not everyone could get in to work. Or that is the official line. Whenever one snowflake is spotted, it is assumed that people might have problems getting to work. However it would seem that people’s transport difficulties vary. Every time there is snow, we have the same people arrive at work, and the same people who don’t. People who live thirty miles away have no problems getting to work. People who live five miles away cannot get in.
Am I being unsympathetic in feeling that if I can get to work, then so can everyone else? After all, if someone chooses to live in the back end of nowhere, then that is their choice to do so, and why should I bail them out because of their lifestyle choice?

I was one of the last to get out of work tonight – everyone else went early because of the snow. Once I’d swept the snow off of my car I set off for home, wondering what all the fuss was about. The roads were quite passable. Or so I thought until I came to a roundabout. I wanted the third exit of this roundabout. I actually got the second – broadside. As I slid towards Ellingham industrial estate I actually realised what a classic example of Newton’s first law of motion I was experiencing. After that slip I took the roads with a bit more respect, turned off the CD player and got home without further mishap. I don’t like driving in the snow…

Meanwhile in lego-land, RU12’s “partner” ICUP has arrived on the scene. He’s not impressed to see a cat masquerading as a truck.
Perhaps he doesn’t like pussies…?

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  1. It was ever so, these days I have a 15 minute walk to work, but I used to have a 25 mile drive. What would set me fuming was that being one of the few in the office I was taking calls from people who couldn't possibly make it into work due to the snow but whose homes I had all but driven passed not 30 minutes earlier, and yet they still got full pay.