24 December (Friday) - Xmas Eve

I woke at 2am this morning and lay there for an hour or so before giving up, getting up and getting on with the ironing. I thought I might as well do something constrictive with my time. I went back to bed shortly after 4am, hoping I might get some kip before I needed to get up, but just lay there wide awake until 6.30am.
It was probably as well that I was up early – I wanted to get to the supermarket early to get lunch. I had an idea the place might be busy. Normally when I go there for lunch at 7.30am there are half a dozen cars in the car park. Today the car park was full, and Asda itself was heaving.
And so to work. A colleague had been given a whip for her “Secret Santa” pressie on Tuesday. Today she brought the whip in, together with the full dominatrix outfit. It did it for me!!! That made the day worth while.
Seeing it was Xmas Eve some of us popped down the pub for a crafty half at lunch time. This is the third time in a week I’ve been out and about with my work colleagues – I’m quite liking it.
And we even got to go home an hour early because it’s Xmas. Can’t be bad! It was a shame I wasted my extra hour sleeping. ‘er indoors TM and “My Boy TMhad spent the day delivering Xmas pressies, and I only woke when they came home. They came home laden with pressies, and with a pressure barrel from my cousin. I shall fill that full of beer in the New Year. After a quick bit of tea we spent the evening with friends, despite the Rear Admiral wanting to take me to church.

And so I’m now starting something quite unusual for me. I’ve booked some leave for next week, and don’t go back to work until a week next Tuesday. This will be the first Xmas in at least ten years over which I’ve taken leave.

And finally for this year…. Santa’s got dressed, and is driving either a train or the “other bus” – he’s rather confused.
Frosty and all his friends would like to wish all their readers a merry Xmas, and a happy new year.
RU12 and ICUP wouldn’t, as they are miserable gits…

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