19 December 2010 (Sunday) - Santa's Grotto

I wasn’t feeling on top form last night – I think Friday’s vindaloo had finally caught up with me, and I was up and down during the night. I finally gave up trying to sleep at 6am, but by 9am I was shattered. Being a Sunday I could go back to bed for an hour or so; so I did.

Bearing in mind the success of my home brews, I thought I might start making some sort of a record of what I’ve made, what worked, etc. And so I spent a little while wrestling with making a website. After an hour I got cross with it and gave up. The Claris software wasn’t accepting any pictures. So I went away, and came back and used Word, which worked perfectly. Perhaps the Claris software has had it. I don’t know. But the Manky Brewery has the start of a home page. I shall work on it some more later.

And then for a walk in the snow. Someone else’s plan was to have taken Eden to see Santa in Maidstone yesterday, but the weather was against it. Last night I suggested she might like to see a local Santa, and so this morning six of us set off to Bybrook Barn. Yesterday’s snow was still thick on the pavements, but it wasn’t too cold, and after forty minutes we found ourselves in Santa’s grotto. For a small local garden centre, Bybrook Barn had excelled themselves, and we spent a fun time in the grotto, seeing Santa, playing on the cup ride, and going on the train through the  snow.

We suddenly realised it was over an hour past dinner time. There’s an American-style diner at Bybrook. I’ve walked past the place so many times over the years; today we decided to go in. It’s brilliant – it’s just what films and TV led me to believe an American diner would be like, and I had the ten piece breakfast. It has to be said that there was something surreal with Beach Boys and surfing music being played with thick snow all around, but it was really good. I’m looking forward to going back.

As we made our way home so more snow was beginning to fall, and once home I settled in front of the telly and slept through a succession of various films. Sometimes it can be a very tiring life being me….

And if anyone should see the Bird, tell him we are all disappointed

The cat has escaped the clutches of nudey Santa, and is rather pissed off with the group of lego humans and animals.
He wonders if he might shift his allegiance to the group of lego vehicles. To that end he has cunningly disguised himself as a truck. The lego aeroplane and the lego skateboard and the lego fire engine have fallen for the ruse.

RU12 thinks something is amiss. There’s no fooling a lego robot…

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