10 December 2010 (Friday) - Wiki-Leaks

Have you heard about all the national secrets that wiki-leaks have released recently? They’ve told us all of the gaffs of the Duke of York. They’ve told us what the US politician Sarah Palin has been up to. They’ve exposed various states’ secrets. All supposedly in the public’s best interests. Two of my fellow Bloggers have mentioned the wiki-leaks recently. One (a good friend) seems to be edging slightly against them. The other (a distant cousin) is coming down on their side.

I don’t honestly know whether or not I agree with what the wiki-leaks people have done. But I do know that I don’t agree with the revenge attacks that have been perpetrated against some of the protagonists in the debacle.
When some of the credit card companies withdrew their support for wiki-leaks, they were immediately subjected to cyber-attack. One of the perpetrators of that attack looks set for a jail sentence.

In theory I was all in favour of internet freedom. Until I actually thought about what’s going on. And now I really don’t know. From what I can work out, one bunch of people have decided that (for whatever reasons) what was once state secrets should actually be in the public domain. So they put these state secrets in the public domain. And when these people’s opinions were challenged they (or their supporters) attacked those who would differ with them.
I’ve already said that I really don’t know whether wiki-leaks were right to release the secrets they did. But my opinion is turning against the wiki-leaks people in the light of what their supporters have done over this last week.

And so to the Astro club Xmas bash…. This month’s astro club was a lot earlier in the month than usual, and the attendance was perhaps half what it usually would be. But those of us there had a good time; we started with a short talk on current astro news, had the raffle, and then spent the rest of the evening chatting whilst scoffing all sorts of Xmas scran.

Meanwhile Frosty the Snowman has a visitor. The nice man has a beard and a briefcase. It is arguable which of the two is the more dubious (the beard o the briefcase that is, not the nice man or Frosty).
The nice man has come to castigate Frosty for his infraction of various civil and criminal codes. Frosty can’t decide out whether the nice man is from the Civil Aviation Authority, the RSPCA, or the Noise Abatement Society.
None of which would be good news for Frosty.

Frosty wonders where he went wrong in life. Two weeks ago he was a law abiding lego snowman. Now he would seem to be Public Enemy #1.
It’s a tough life being a lego snowman.

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  1. I still think the nice man with the beard and briefcase is the vet who has come to take a look at that nasty wart on the dog's back.
    By the way......what is the dog's name?
    We need to know the important stuff.....or is it a secret?