2 December 2010 (Thursday) - Still Snowing

I had a very restless evening and night last night. I came home from work yesterday to realise I’d left my wallet in my locker at work.  Now my locker is secure, in a part of the hospital where the normal people never venture, and it’s a locked locker behind several locked doors. And I wasn’t going to go back through the snow to fetch it. But I still felt lost without my wallet. Even though I didn’t need the thing.

Again, not being on a late shift I was up at the crack of dawn. I had this plan to watch Star Trek whilst sorting the underwear. (What a riveting life I lead!). But Star Trek wasn’t on. They’ve replaced it with some police reality drama show rubbish.
Sometimes I get cross with some of the more minor TV channels. So often they will start showing a series of something or other, and without warning they just stop the show half way through. Fortunately for me I have all of Star Trek: Enterprise on DVD, but I couldn’t be bothered to go get the DVD. In the end I realised that not showing Star Trek was a blessing in disguise, as I got to see the “Pinky and the Brain” Xmas special. (Narf!)

I left very early for work this morning – we’d had more snow overnight, and I wanted to get to the hospital before the roads got busy. Driving in the snow was rather dodgy at times, but seeing how my foot is still a tad tender, I’d rather not walk. Work was dull – very dull. The snow obviously put people off of being ill. And then at lunch time we went sledging again – I got some photos this time.

And then back to work. Management had got wind that we’d been sledging, and wanted photos of the event to put into the staff magazine. I had photos on my mobile, but without my own PC at home I wasn’t able to extract the photos. Mind you, I’m not entirely sure I want photos of me playing silly beggars all over the works magazine. Not that I’m in any way embarrassed – regular readers would know that I couldn’t care less about that. It’s just that people whinge enough already about how long blood tests take. I don’t want to be giving ammunition to my critics.

Work continued being dull, and so I came home an hour early to find a challenge from a friend in America. In twenty minutes I had to come up with my top twenty sci-fi books. That took some thinking about, but I managed to make a list. You can see it here. Please feel free to take up the challenge yourself – and do let me know your list.

Meanwhile in another plane of reality, Frosty the Snowman has startled a passing young chav. The chav’s mummy had warned him about snowmen like Frosty…

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  1. Glad to see you are having fun with the snow. I did smile about it putting people off being ill.
    I have wondered how many people would be sitting in doctor's offices over there if they had to pay for every visit, as we do here (even with insurance...still have to pay). Our waiting room is never full and there is little wait for an appointment.
    Anyway, I think there is trouble looming between the chav and the snowman...both shamelessly waving their things about.