2 June 2017 (Friday) - After the Night Shifts

As I drove home the pundits on the radio were expounding on the news that as the Conservative’s lead in the opinion polls shortens, a hung parliament is looking more and more likely. There was talk of another coalition, and talks of inter-party deals to make a minority government a practical proposition. Key to any such coalition or deal would be the Scottish Nationalist Party, and their leader was interviewed on air this morning.
She spouted an awful lot of drivel without actually saying very much of consequence.
This is the trouble with our parliamentary system. It is all very well all the time one party has a majority in the House of Commons, but when there is no one with a clear lead a disproportionate amount of power is suddenly in the hands of the vanishingly small minorities.

I got home just as "er indoors TM" was going to work. I put on some old clothes and had a little while in the garden. I got the lawn mowed, got two loads of washing onto the line to dry, and got more fence painted. But after two hours of painting I started to wilt so I came in and had a late brekkie whilst watching “Detectorists”. I’d forgotten that him who plays the part of Negatus in “Yonderland” was the nemesis of our heroes in “Detectorists”.

I then had a quick look on-line and my piss boiled. Last night during a break I had a look-see on Facebook and saw a posting of a small turtle being killed in a microwave. I won’t post the link; it was horrible. I reported it to Facebook and this morning they said they weren’t going to remove the item as it didn’t breach their community standards (!)
I also saw something which rather amazed me. A chap I vaguely know was again posting all sorts of jingoistic racist “Britain First” rubbish. I’ve often wondered why he does this as his wife is of European extraction. Someone had commented about just how nasty the stuff he’s posted was; his response was that he’d probably stop doing so when his family move to mainland Europe. Following the Brexit he so loudly advocated his entire family are leaving the UK, and he’s going with them. What’s that all about?

I was just about to go to bed when "My Boy TM" sent me a text. He’d gone fishing today. I could have gone with him, but having just done two night shifts I decided against it. He said to check out his Facebook page. I did and saw that he’d caught a carp which was about three times bigger than any carp I’d ever had. I wish I had gone with him.
I took myself off to bed for the afternoon with something of a sulk.

I forgot to set the alarm; I slept for much longer than I intended. Night shift does wonders for sorting the insomnia, then I got more fence painted. I’m rather pleased with today’s progress. I’ve now got as far up the garden as the monkey puzzle tree. I thought about heaving it out the way so I could continue, but decided that this might just be God’s way of telling me to stop. So I stopped.

"er indoors TM" boiled up some fish and chips and we scoffed them watching old episodes of “Bake Off”. I then had a look at the household accounts. Pay day was last week and I’m already looking iffy.

And then I had a message. One of the lads with whom I worked when at Canterbury has died. He didn’t turn up for the late shift yesterday, and today his mother phoned with the sad news. He couldn’t have been any more than twenty-one or twenty-two.
Makes you think…

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