19 November 2017 (Sunday) - Sutton at Hone

Another night spent awake being trampled by a restless puppy. Mind you I did chuckle when she fell off the bed (with a resounding crash) in the small hours.
I got up and let Fudge out to do his thing in the garden. He did it, came in and was sick. He then sat with me on the sofa looking rather sorry for himself. Eventually he ate some of his brekkie.

Over my brekkie I turned my lap-top on. Eventually the thing booted up. On when finally ready I tried to activate the Firefox browser. Yesterday I waited for three hours whilst Windows had an upgrade, and last week the Firefox browser decided to swap itself for a new version. I really should turn off these updates; they never improve performance. In fact they usually slow the lap-top quite noticeably.
When the thing finally got going I had a little look-see on-line. I started off by sending an apology to the chap whose post-wedding party I missed last night. From the photos posted it looks like I missed a good party; I didn’t go as there was a certain person on the guest list was going. She fell out with me about five years ago when I dared to voice an opinion. Over the last few years she’s made a point of marching up to whoever I was talking to, and standing with her back to me and speaking to whoever I was just speaking with. I’ve yet to find anyone who isn’t so intimidated by her that they will say anything. When this has happened I’ve made sarcastic comments but she completely blanked me every time and it just got embarrassing.
It was one of the main reasons why I finally gave up with the astro club, and now avoid any situation where she might be present. Really I should tell her to get stuffed…

I then had a little snigger when I looked at the local geocaching page. One chap was whinging about the price of nanos (it’s a geo-thing) and had brought a job lot of a hundred of the things. He was offering them up for sale at a pound each plus a pound for postage. Making them two quid each.
I didn’t like to say you can buy the things far cheaper on eBay. I did just that this morning.

We got ourselves and the dogs together, and once we’d scraped the ice from "er indoors TM" car we set off to Sutton at Hone. (No – I’d never heard of it before either) Not knowing where this place was didn’t bother our sat-navs, and soon we met up with Karl, Tracey and Charlotte and we set off round the “It’s all Greek to me” series of geocaches. We started off along a rather busy road, but soon headed off into the countryside. As we went we had an impromptu geology lesson, and talked how Fermat’s last theorem helped us solve a puzzle (as you do). We met a normal person wandering about in his slippers, we laughed as Fudge chewed a fence, we found a fox graveyard.
We had a dodgy few minutes as we met some rather over-friendly horses. Treacle didn’t like them, and nearly nipped one on the nose.
Billed as a walk of at least seven miles, “Hannah” measured it at a shade under eight miles. Once we were back to the cars we changed out of muddy boots and went to “The Ship” for a post-walk debrief.
I must admit that my heart sunk when we walked into “The Ship”; it was clearly a “local pub for local people”, but the beer was good, and the staff and locals were very friendly. We stayed for a second pint, and in a novel break with tradition I made it all the way home without needing to stop for a tiddle.

Geocache-wise we had a full day. We set off in search of forty-two targets. We found thirty-seven. We knew three had been reported as missing and so having discussed this with the chap who’d hidden them in the first place, we replaced them for him. There were two we couldn’t find; they were overlooked by houses and so we didn’t hang about for long as the normal people were watching us.

I forgot to take my camera today, so I took several photos using my phone. Once home I uploaded them, and then with "er indoors TM" off bowling I settled myself in front of the telly as my dogs snored. Sir David Attenborough’s “Blue Planet II” is on shortly, and after that is “Howards’ End”. I saw the first episode of “Howards’ End” last week. It was rather like “Poldark” but didn’t have quite so many heaving bosoms. Mind you, that was only the first episode. Things might perk up tonight.
Hope springs eternal…

18 November 2017 (Saturday) - On the Early Shift

The puppy came up to bed last night about ten minutes after I dozed off, and she fidgeted until ten minutes before my alarm went off.
Over brekkie I activated Netflix and watched the episode of "Red Dwarf" in which our heroes went back in time and got President Kennedy to assassinate himself.

Pausing only briefly to scrape the ice from my windscreen I set off to work.  As I drove the pundits on the radio were spouting something about the trials and tribulations of tenant farmers. I lost interest, and put on my dreadful music instead.
I'd left for work a little early so's I would be at the Aylesford McDonalds in time for McBrekkie. A sausage and egg McMuffin meal with a toffee latte went down very well. I particularly like McDonalds at seven o'clock in the morning at the weekends; there is such a sense of peace and tranquillity about the place. There are those (like me) on the way to work. There are those on the way home. And (much as I like children) all the screaming brats are still in bed.

I went in to work, and had a far better day than yesterday. As I worked I looked at the rain outside the window. It does seem to rain an awful lot when I work at the weekends. As I worked I managed to find a few minutes to spend writing up my ongoing continuing professional development stuff.

With work done I came home. The rain on the motorway didn’t make for the best of drives home, but once I’d got the car parked I set the washing machine loose on some shirts and watched “Thunderbirds are Go”. It’s on to its third season now.
I did have the option to go out to a post-wedding party this evening, but I thought better of the idea. I’d seen the invite list, and going along to be dramatically blanked wasn’t my idea of fun.

I sparked up my lap-top; it asked if I wanted I to do an update. I said it could, and left it to get on with it. We had dinner, I ironed my shirts… three hours later the thing was ready to go, and with no real noticeable difference.
Don’t you just love updates…

17 November 2017 (Friday) - Stephen Hawking

The puppy had another good night. However I only slept until 3.30am, then lay awake for a few hours. I expect it was because I had an alarm set that I didn’t sleep well.
Over brekkie I watched the most recent episode of “Detectorists” that the SkyPlus box had recorded, then (with a little time on my hands) I watched another Star Trek cartoon before sparking up my lap-top.

It took a little while to start up; overnight my browser had upgraded itself to “Firefox Quantum”. Billed as being twice as fast, it was noticeably slower than it had been.
Mind you, even with Firefox Quantum, not much had changed with Facebook overnight. And with precious few emails of note, I set off to work.

I got to my car and realised winter is here; I had to scrape ice from my windscreen. As I drove to work I listened to the radio. What with late shifts and rostered days off I hadn’t listened to the news for a while.
It would seem there has been a coup in Zimbabwe and Robert Mugabe is out on his arse. From what I can work out it would appear he has effectively been allowed to retire gracefully. Many (me included) would welcome that.
There wasn’t much else worthy of note on the morning’s news; most of my drive to Maidstone was frankly wasted by listening to some drivel about a recently appointed Bishop of the Coptic church in London. Surely the people at the BBC could have found something more newsworthy than that?

I stopped off at Aldi. I was getting low on deodorant; I’ve always found it best not to skimp on the armpits.
Once at work I had a surprisingly busy day. I was glad when home time came.

Once home we walked the dogs. Seeing as it was dark they sported their luminous collars. As we came past the Riverside I had a vague idea about going in for a pint and some dinner. On the one hand it is a bit posh in there and they probably wouldn’t have let the dogs in. On the other hand the place was completely deserted with not a single customer in there.
We didn’t go in.

We came home; "er indoors TM" boiled up fish and chips and we watched a film. “The Theory of Everything” was a docu-drama about the life of Professor Stephen Hawking. And like most films it went on for about half an hour too long…