16 January 2019 (Wednesday) - Macaroon

I thought I was a tad under the weather yesterday; I slept right through until the alarm went off this morning. That rarely happens.
Over brekkie I watched another episode of "Prison Break" during which I realised something. In nearly four seasons of the show our heroes (and villains) have been able to withstand hails of bullets without being harmed, and on the very rare occasion when they are hit, even a bullet right through the brain is shaken off with no more than a plaster and a bit of ointment. However the minor characters and henchmen are felled stone-dead by nothing more substantial than a vigorous fart.

I set off to Pembury through a rather wet morning. As I drove, the pundits on the radio were talking about the utter political shambles following the Prime Minister's defeat in Parliament last night. Her plans for a Brexit agreement had been thrown out in the largest Parliamentary defeat in history. Unless a miracle happens Brexit either won't happen, or the UK will be subject to all the rules and regulations that Brexit was supposed to remove, and the UK will have no say in the EU decision-making (which is *exactly* what we are giving away by leaving the EU).
I'm not sure that was what anyone had in mind, but what do I know?

Interestingly the vicar who was wheeled on to blather platitudes in the "Thought for the Day" suggested that the politicians squabbling about Brexit might stop squabbling and be polite to each other. Whilst I agree with the sentiment it isn't going to solve the political impasse.. or might it be the way forward?
Also in the same vein was talk about how OFSTED (the schools inspectors) aren't going to put such emphasis on exam results in future. Instead they will be looking at how much effort children put in to their studies, how much or little bullying happens in schools, what pastoral care is offered, and all the sorts of things on which a school *should* be judged. Apparently the teachers are up in arms as this will mean more work for them. The poor things.

I got to work and did my bit. I'm on a two-day secondment to Pembury and (as is commonly said) "a change is as good as a rest". I got to scoff a macaroon at tea time. There wasn’t much of it.
With work done I came home (as one does). Over a rather good bit of dinner I watched the first episode of the current season of Channel Four’s “Hunted”. At the end of the show they ran an advert asking for people who would like to be contestants in the next series. I wouldn’t mind having a go at that…

15 January 2019 (Tuesday) - Eddie the Eagle

I lay awake for much of last night listening to a strange clicking-dripping sound. Had we got a water leak somewhere? Was it the guttering? But it wasn't raining? Just before the alarm went off I realised it was one of the dogs smacking their chops in their dreams.
I got up, and over brekkie watched another episode of "Prison Break" in which much the same happened as in the episode I watched last night. With not a lot going on in Facebook, and with absolutely no emails at all I set off to work.

I got to the car to find it covered in ice. After five minutes I found what I'd done with my ice scraper and got scraping. I was soon on my way to work on a very cold morning. I turned on the heater and the windscreen immediately steamed up. Whoops. So I pulled over to the side of the road to sort it only to get into an argument with the chap who'd been driving behind me. Being far too close to the rear end of my car, he pulled up when I did, thinking there was some reason to pull up. He didn't like my telling him that he'd been too close behind. People often get precious about their frankly awful driving.

As I drove up the motorway the pundits on the radio were interviewing the Labour MP Hilary Benn who had recently withdrawn his motion (!) because he thought that was the best way to comprehensively stuff the Prime Minister. Most of the talk on the radio was about today's vote in Parliament about whether or not to accept the proposed Brexit deal. On the one hand the deal sucks fish. On the other hand it's the only deal on the table. It strikes me that perhaps those who made the deal might have involved those who would supposedly agree to the deal a *lot* earlier in the process, but what do I know? Over the last few weeks it seems there are a lot of people in politics who are more concerned with stuffing the Prime Minister rather than doing what is best for the national interest.

 I got to work whilst it was still dark. Early starts do seem rather early in the winter. The night shift was glad to see me, as night shifts usually are. However today kicked off with something of an emergency, and by the time I’d dealt with tropical diseases and oddities of the Kidd blood group system I was glad to see it was home time.

Once home I ran the dogs round the block, then puzzled for a while until "er indoors TM" came home. The original plan had been to go to the Tuesday gathering, but I was feeling rather run down, so we stayed in and watched something we’d recorded over Christmas – a film about the exploits of the ski-jumper “Eddie the Eagle”.
I think an early night might be a plan…

14 January 2018 (Monday) - FTF, Fake Lego

Finding myself wide awake I got up and had my morning ablutions. I stood on the scales and saw I'd put on another pound since last week. Time to start counting those calories, maybe?
Over brekkie (granola) I watched another episode of "Prison Break" which is fast becoming a re-make of "The A-Team". It is an entertaining enough show if you don't think about it that much, and if you overlook the fact that people who are now best friends were shooting each other only a few episodes ago.

On Saturday I mentioned that I'd solved a geo-puzzle that no one else had. This morning I saw the First to Find was still up for grabs. So, finding myself awake far too early, I set off to chase it. It might make for a little adventure on what would be an otherwise dull day. I soon found myself within striking distance of where I was supposed to be, but it was still rather early and not quite fully light. So, rather than parking in a sensible place and walking across footpaths and fields, I drove up a private drive, and soon had the elusive prize in my hand. First to Find. Happy dance indeed.

I quickly drove off in the general direction of work before anyone saw me, and I had something of a rather problematical journey. What with road closures and road works, I travelled quite a bit further than I might otherwise have done. As I drove the pundits on the radio were interviewing all sorts of people in the run-up to tomorrow's big Brexit debacle. Ex-minister Esther McVey was wheeled on and she ignored everything that was asked of her. Instead she just parroted a pre-written speech about how wonderful she was.  And in the interests of political impartiality they brought on the Labour party's John McDonald who tried to persuade the public that Jeremy Corbyn isn't quite the disaster that he is making us all believe that he is.

I eventually got to work, and did my bit. During a break in the proceedings I managed to book my car in for an MOT. It isn't due until March; that's a month later than I was expecting. That's something of a result.
It was somewhat ironic that having been wide awake in the early hours this morning I fell asleep for most of my lunch break, but such is life.

Once home I got the dogs onto leads and as we walked out we met "er indoors TM" who was just parking her car. Together we all wandered the roads for a while.
Once home "er indoors TM" boiled up a rather good bit of dinner and went out. I watched a little telly, then asked Facebook about the Lego job lot that arrived at the weekend. Having had a rummage through it, about a quarter of what I got doesn’t look quite right. It turns out they are some cheap knock-off version. Whilst I’m happy with what I got, I don’t want the cheapo imitation bricks. I’ll ding those… once I’ve solved some more geo-puzzles.
I’m about half way through looking at those one hundred puzzles that went live last week and so far I seem to be solving about one in every five. It seems somewhat ironic that one of the few I solved is one that demonstrably has everyone else foxed. I wonder if I might swap answers…