7 August 2020 (Friday) - Rather Hot Rostered Day Off

I slept like a log despite a rather hot night. It was a shame that the dogs had to kick off when "Daddy’s Little Angel TM" crept in during the small hours. She was being quiet – they weren’t.

I made some toast, saw that pretty much nothing at all had happened on the Internet overnight, and took the dogs to the woods. We had a relatively good walk even if we did shout at other dogs as we went. The biggest “episode” happened just as we were getting into the car to come home when a passing dog tried to get into the boot with my three. They had ignored this passing dog (amazingly) right up to the point where it tried to climb into the boot, and then all hell kicked off. I suppose it isn’t surprising really as this would be a blatant invasion of their space.


The idea of an early walk was to get done before it got too hot. When we’d arrived at the woods the thermometer in my car said it was twenty-two degrees (on the cusp of being too hot for the dogs); it was twenty-five degrees when we got back to the car, and that was before half-past nine. We came home (to twenty-seven degrees of heat) and I popped to Aldi where the car park was already thirty-one degrees hot before ten o’clock.

Unlike the Aylesford Aldi, all the staff in the local branch were wearing face masks. Some of them even had the face masks covering their noses as well as their mouths. Have you ever ben to Aldi? They have a really good range of all sorts of stuff, amazingly cheap, but the staff really couldn’t care less. Whilst none of them actually said “f… off fatso”, they really didn’t need to. But if you can ignore their attitude, the shopping is worth having.


With so much to do in the garden and elsewhere, we pulled the curtains and sat quietly in the living room avoiding the heat which got up to thirty-six degrees in the garden. I finished solving the geo-puzzles of the series that went live yesterday, then had another look at that geo-jigsaw puzzle. It was too hot to do anything else.

At half past six (having spent a total of fourteen hours twenty-one minutes and forty-two seconds at it) I finally got that igsaw finished, and was rewarded with the co-ordinates of a film pot which has been stashed under a rock somewhere in Sussex. I won’t say where; if any on my loyal readers would like to know they can find out by clicking here.


"er indoors TM" boiled up some fish and chips which we scoffed whilst watching another episode of “Taskmaster”.  I did have a plan to do some gardening this evening, but it was (and is still) too hot. So I washed some undercrackers instead – so the day wasn’t entirely wasted.

6 August 2020 (Thursday) - After the Night Shift

As I drove home after the night shift the pundits on the radio were talking about how both Facebook and Twitter have put curbs on President Trump’s accounts after he has been spouting factually completely wrong stuff about COVID-19. As I mentioned a few days ago, President Tump seems to be doing his level best to lose the upcoming election.

I drove to the garage where I met one of life’s “special” people. With her nose hanging out of her face mask she demanded that I stepped back because she felt I was too close. I smiled sweetly, then loudly pointed out the error of her ways before leaving my car with the nice people at the garage.


"er indoors TM" drove me home where I put the leads on to the dogs. With my car up on blocks, Orlestone Woods wasn’t possible. Instead we walked round to the co-op field where we met OrangeHead. She asked after Fudge and commented that she hadn’t seen us for a while. I said that the park had become too much like hard work with all the “special people” who know nothing about dogs demanding that they have the entire park for themselves and their pampered princesses. I explained that down at Orlestone it seems that you only get people who understand what dogs are like. A bit of barking, and then it is all over whereas at the park one dog barks and you are branded as a cruel owner of an evil dog. OrangeHead agreed entirely; it would seem that since I stopped walking round the park the place has got a whole lot worse. She wished she could drive so she could walk her dog elsewhere.

I suppose I could have offered?


We came home. As I left work I’d bought iced spicy buns. We had them with a cuppa whilst I checked out the Internet. There was a new series of geocaches not five miles from home. Each one requiring a little puzzle to solve. They can’t be as hard as that geo-jigsaw I’m struggling with.

I gave myself a quick haircut, then went to bed where I slept for about three hours.


I got up, wasted another hour on that geo-jigsaw then started puzzling out the new geo-puzzles. They seem rather straightforward. Then out came the ironing board. I ironed for a couple of hours whilst watching episodes of “Good Girls” until the garage phoned and "er indoors TM" drove me over to collect my car.

A good servicing, replacement of oil filters, bulbs, wiper blades, screen wash, oil a new suspension coil (?). A re-gas of the air-con, and they fished a shard of plastic out of the key hole. On the one hand it is all stuff I wouldn’t know how to do for myself. On the other hand it is several hundred quid I would rather be spending on Lego.


Once home again I geo-puzzled until it cooled down, then spent a couple of hours in the garden moving shingle. With the new fence scheduled for next week and a heatwave forecast, if I didn’t make a start this evening I’d never get the shingle scraped back in time.

And with most (but not all) of the shingle scraped back I collapsed in front of the telly. I’ll try to get the job finished tomorrow. If I can move. I can’t right now…

5 August 2020 (Wednesday) - Before the Night Shift

I slept all night long, but woke feeling as tired as when I went to bed. Over brekkie I peered into the Internet. Earlier in the week one of the old faces on the local geocaching scene had his Facebook account hacked, the hackers used his account to tell a sob story and ask for money, and several people unfortunately were tricked out of quite a bit of cash. This morning the conversation thread on the matter was still going strong with over thirty people talking about what we could do. I saw that a few people had removed themselves from the message thread; I’m not sure of the etiquette here. Is that rude?
But what can you do about these scams? I am one hundred per cent convinced that finding these scammers and physically hurting them would achieve far more than “going through the proper channels” ever would, but these cowards are probably hundreds (if not thousands) of miles away.

I had a look at my emails – a few dozen more “Found It” logs on geocaches that I’ve hidden over the last few months. People certainly seem to be enjoying what I’ve done.

We got the dogs leaded up and took them down to Orlestone Woods for an early morning walk. There were a few people about this morning. Not many, but far more than usual. And there were three joggers as well. Three! I don’t think I’ve seen joggers down there before.


With walk walked we came home. I hung out the washing I’d set going before we went out, and put more in to scrub, then ran out the hose pipe to top up the fish pond. The recent hot spell had lowered the water lever impressively. I gave the car a quick valeting (in readiness for tomorrow’s service). As I was hoovering it out I got chatting with a passing normal person. He warned me about the dentist down the road (the one I go to). He assured me that the dentistry is fine, but the organisation there is piss-poor. I had to agree with him; I’m still waiting to hear about the appointment that they said they would tell me about by last Friday.

I hung out more washing then pootled in the garden for a bit. Harvesting dog turds, mowing the lawn, cutting back not-so-nice-next-door’s jungle… after a couple of hours it was just too hot to continue. I sat on the sofa and geo-jigsaw-ed for a while.


After a spot of lunch I took myself off to bed for the afternoon. After a couple of hours I woke to find Pogo and Fudge had come upstairs with me. I wish I could sleep more in the afternoons, but a couple of hours was my limit. I geo-jigsaw-ed some more; after seven- and three-quarter hours (in total) I got to the stage of having all the sky done.

"er indoors TM" boiled up some tea, and I then planned a little Munzee-resusitation mission for the evening on my way to the night shift….