5 May 2016 (Thursday) - Jasmer, Fizzy and Committee

I woke up a little earlier than I might have done, and over brekkie I watched the most recent episode of "Plebs". I did snigger; Grumio had never seen a crab before and thought it was a pie with legs.
I then had a quick look-see on-line. Among the morning's emails was one from LinkedIn who were trying to chum me up with a commercial archaeologist and a third sector professional. (What do those do?)
I got notification that three friends had birthdays today. One of them was twenty years old; I thought she was probably about to take her GCSEs. Where do the years go?

I then popped up the road to the polling station. Today saw the election for Kent's police commissioner. There were various candidates standing on party political bandwagons. Naked greed and wooly-minded blathering had offered candidates as had well-meaning incompetence. The racist xenophobes had put up two candidates.
Personally I feel that such a position should not be anything to do with silly political games; it was a shame that the only candidate who wasn't openly advertising a political affiliation had published a personal statement that said a lot without actually saying anything.
I considered spoiling the ballot paper as a political statement, but that acheives nothing. In the end I put an "X" for well-meaning incompetence. I usually do that for the simple reason that their hearts are in the right place (i.e. not in their wallets, hugging trees or trying to charter banana boats)

And then on to Sittingbourne. There is a geocache there which was under a bridge. It has a rather unusual D/T; one which I needed to get. The thing had been reported as being missing so a few days ago I had a word with the chap who hid it and offered to replace it for him. He was happy for me to do so. A few days ago I'd also asked if anyone else wanted to come along with me. A few people were up for it. After a rather awful journey I parked my car just as Aleta arrived. We followed out GPS and found ourselves in the middle of a bridge over a busy A-road. The cache was underneath us.
We got to where we could see what was what and I had a go at waddling along the girders. I was a tad nervous on the girder; I was not at all confident in ducking under the support beams and so I waddled back to (relative) safety. Matt then arrived, took the replacement cache that I'd acquired, and he zoomed out to the middle of the underside of the bridge like a monkey.
Jamie then arrived and he too went straight out to across the girder and back again with no hesitation.
I thought again about going out myself. It looked so easy, and several friends had said it wasn't hard. It probably isn't difficult when you are half my weight and twenty years younger than I am.

We said our goodbyes and I moved on to my second D/T target of the day. This one was up a tree. I wasted ten minutes farting about up the wrong tree before a phone call to "er indoors TM" put me right.
I then spent ten minutes looking at a little snake at the base of the target tree, and frittered away another half an hour (or more) scrambling all over, up and down that tree before sending a message to the C.O.
Even armed with a rather serious hint I still drew a blank. I shall go back another day.

I'd gone out to fill some squares on my D/T/ grid. I was determined to do that. My backup plan was a drive to Guildford and a diversion to Hever Castle on the way home.
As backup plans go it worked well. A shame it took so long, but such is life.

I'd taken some photos of the day's fun. Once home I posted them on-line. Jimbo then called round after work. We took "Furry Face TM" for a walk round the park then made our way to Singleton Barn. Four bottles of assorted ales slipped down very nicely with some dinner, then we had the first meeting of the new committee of the astro club. The first meeting of which I had to take minutes...
My notes are somewhat cryptic. If any of my loyal readers can hazard a guess at what B.O.B is supposed to mean please drop me a line...

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