12 May 2016 (Thursday) - Sulking

Another decent night's sleep; I woke only a short while before the alarm was due to go off. Again I watched "Flowers" over a bit of brekkie; again I watched it with a sense of "wtf was that all about?"
As the show ended so "Furry Face TM" wanted to go into the garden. I went with him to make sure he didn't run round woofing (as he does). I couldn't help but notice that not only does the lawn again need mowing but also the stuff flowing over the fence from next door needs trimming back again. I only did that last week.
If ever there was a seriously futile excercise it is gardening.

Over the last week I've been preparing for a job interview. That interview was today. I thought about all sorts of witty and erudite things I might write in today's blog entry. Then I didn't get the job and thought about all sorts of sarcastic and bitter things I might write in today's blog entry. In the end I decided not to write any of them...

Today was a geo-calendar day, so with a little time on my hands I put the lead onto my dog and set off in pursuit of a find. My first three targets had been randomly drop-kicked into hedges by Scouts... no luck. My next three targets eluded me; the GPS was a tad wafty and I had no hints. Targets seven and eight had gone missing (I had inside information on those).
Having located pretty much every errant sawndwich box in the area I was rather stuffed. So I relocated to Tenterden where after a couple more failures I finally found one on my eleventh attempt.
I've only got seven more of the "must-find" calendar days to go.

I wonder how long my sulk will last...?

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