30 April 2016 (Saturday) - Most Caches Ever !!

Being on a camp site with electricity I was able to have my CPAP machine with me. However the night was a cold one; After a couple of hours I took the thing off as it was just making me colder and colder.

I got up at 6.45am and spent a little while looking at Facebook; the camp site had wi-fi. There were several piccies from people getting ready to go on the mission which had been organised to go to the Natural History Museum today. I'd had to sadly declline that one. Much as I was enjoying Cornwall I was sad to have missed the London trip. Sadly I couldn't so both.
But Nick was soon up and about and cooking brekkie. And a rather good brekkie it was too.

With washing up done we set off caching again. We went back to the woods were we had stopped yesterday and we got going. On the other side of those woods we found a rather large disused airfield. I say "disused"; the horses and sheep living there seemed to be making good use of the place.
We cached like things possessed; eventually we all felt hungry, and so had a five minute break. It was a lovely day and we found a rather beautiful spot where we scoffed our sandwiches and admired the views.

Pausing only briefly to rescue two lambs which were running loose on the roads we found cache after cache until we arrived at Phoenix Mill; a now disused tin mine. We all agreed to have a little break whilst we played tourist. I for one really liked looking round the tin mine; it brought back memories of "Poldark".

We were on a roll, but soon it was time to stop. We'd arranged to meet some Cornish friends for the evening, and having found one hundred and thirty one caches (a new personal best) we made our way back to camp. Having found our friends they led the way to a nearby pub where we had a rather good meal (and a couple of pints too!)

Back to camp and (once the young lovers camping nearby had finished fornicating in the facilities) I had my shower and was in bed for 11pm.

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