2 May 2016 (Monday) - 5:5 and a Cream Tea

It was much warmer last night; I slept through to 6.30am. Once up I started gathering together all my odds and ends and packing up as best I could. The new air beds took some packing away. They were cheap, they worked well. But getting the air out wasn't easy.

I think the weekend had taken its toll on all of us; we were all up an hour later than usual today. We had another really good brekkie, then just as I started the washing up so the rain started. And then the nice people from the next camping pitch asked us if we had any jump leads; their camper van wouldn't start. We didn't, but we thought we might be able to bump-start the van.
That added another hour to our day...

We packed up a load of wet tents and drove away from camp at mid day. We then drove down to a nearby village called Roche where there was an old church on top of a rock. It was wonderful; we had to climb a couple of ladders to get up to the ruins. It was only a shame the weather was so awful.
Mind you at the ruins were the clues for the location of a 5-5 geocache not far away. There was a dodgy five minutes when "er indoors TM" climbed the tree to get that cache only to fall out of the tree. She hit the ground rather harder than I would have liked to have done, but she claimed she was fine.

From here we drove down to Exmouth. We left a very wet Cornwall and again got caught in the road works on the A30. We arrived in Exmouth at 3pm where the weather was glorious. Cream teas went down very nicely; we'd been promising ourselve a cream tea all weekend.
Talking of cream teas I learned something from our Cornish friends. Apparently when in Cornwall one puts the jam on the scone first then adds the cream. However when in Devon one puts the cream on first because (so I am told) Devon cream is crap. I must admit that teh cream I had in Devon today was rather good.
We had a rather good tea. Personally I felt the waitress should have had a dress which actually covered her bum and her chest, but (as usual) moral stances were in the minority.

Bearing in mind the fun we'd had with road works we used Google's navigator to suggest the best way home. We went via several back roads through Somerset and Wiltshire. As we drove we saw road signs warning us of tanks on Salisbury Plain. That was an eye-opener.

The plan had been for the vehicles to meet up at Cobham services so we could say our goodbyes; we got to Cobham shortly after 8pm. I had forgotten just how far it was from Exmouth to the M25. KFC made for a rather good tea; even if it did taste rather odd.

Goodbyes were said, and we all went our various ways. We got home just before 11pm.
It had been a rather good holiday. I'd certainly do it again...

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