1 May 2016 (Sunday) - 147 In The Rain

My CPAP made my nose so cold that it woke me at 2am. I dozed fitfully until 5am when I got up for a crafty tiddle. I then went back to bed knowing I wouldn't sleep. I slept like a log and awoke to find Nick was alreay up and about. I found that not being the first one up was rather odd. I'm *always* the first one up.

We had a very good brekkie, and then as I washed up I found myself sniggering. The washing up facilities were next to the toilets and showers. Windows had been left open and what I could hear was rather entertaining. The "shower shaggers" were doing their thing again (beasts!), and two small children were having poos, each "plop" baing heralded with a cry of "Fire in the hold!!"

By 10am we were ready for the off; we had this vague plan to finish off the stretch of caches that we couldn't get to on Friday as our first targets. Again we struggled to get round the road works, but soon we were walking through the woods in the rain. Yesterday the weather had been glorious; today it was wet. Whilst the rain wasn't really heavy, it was a very fine rain that left you soaking wet. We exchanged pleasentries with some joggers, and with that section of the circuit done we then relocated to where we'd stopped yesterday.

We carried on caching (getting progressively wettter and wetter) until we found a rather scenic little area where a river crossed the road. We scoffed lunch there then carried on until (finally) all three hundred and sixty of the Compass caches were found. As well as those three hundred and sixty we'd also found eighteen others on the way. And today I'd beaten yesterday's record and acheived a new personal best of one hundred and forty seven caches in one day.

Back to camp; it was *so* good to get into dry pants.(And dry everything else come to that). Having had rain all day the evening was dry; very pleasent. We sat and watched the brave little robin hopping round looking for scraps where we were sitting, and then we scoffed some rather good fajitas for tea. And a couple of bottles of beer too. Perfect.

I washed up, and was in bed shortly after 10pm; I was worn out...

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