15 May 2016 (Sunday) - Polegate

Not quite such a cold night last night. But having determined that I needed to be up for 7am I was wide awake shortly after 5am. I gave up trying to get back to sleep and set the washing machine loose on several T-shirts.
Over brekkie I had a look-see on-line. I had to tell someone off on one of the Facebook discussion pages I moderate. Why do so few people understand the basic principle of a discussion. When faced with a difference of opinion the first line to take is "I disagree with you for the following reasons", *not* "I disagree with you therfore I shall prove my point by swearing at you". It was something of a shame that the chap I had to correct then illustrated his logic by posting a web link which actually proved he was wrong.

I hung my T-shirts out to dry, and failed to solve an on-line geo-puzzle. Rather frustrating...
We drove round to collect Suzy-Pup and her associate, then allowed the sat-nav to guide us to Polegate. I thought it took a rather convoluted route. Did we *really* have to traverse every narrow lane in both Kent and Sussex?
But we got to the Treacle Mine with five minutes to spare. We soon met our geo-buddies and pausing only briefly for a bit of cake we were soon off on our wanders. The "Woodland Wander" series of geocaches took us round some rather scenic places. Woodlands, fields, rather quiet country lanes. And the geo-element was rather good too - these weren't the average film-pot-under-a-rock hides; many of them were custom-made works of genius.
As we walked we heard a call. Would you beleive it; my brother was driving by on the way to a boot fair. What were the chances of that?

We found ourselves back at the cars by mid-afternoon. We'd asked the nice lady in the pub if we could her car park so we felt it would only be polite to have a pint there.
And with pint guzzled we set off on the main business of the day. We'd chosen to come to Polegate because just down the road was a geocache which was in a culvert under the road. We parked the cars and walked down to the river where we put on our wellies. Sam kindly found the deepest part of the river for us, and so (as she emptied her wellies) we then went in to the shallower bits and each of us scrambled through the culvert to do the secret geo-thing. I found it was a little cramped in there, but I'm probably showing my age.

The pub near where we'd parked our cars had a sign saying "no dogs"; with a quick Google search we found a pub not five minutes away that claimed to be dog-friendly. Just as well as we had three with us.
The Cricketer's Arms in Berwick was a good find. Beer poured straight from the barrel; helpful frfiendly staff. I felt for them when the wonderful food they served had cold chips, but that was soon sorted. Usually we don't hang about too long in the pub after a walk, and certanly not when so far from home. But today was different; we stayed for dinner. An wonderful meal with excellent company. I'd certanly go back there again.

I took a few photos whilst we were out; once home I put them on-line. I think I shall have an early night now... I'm feeling worn out.

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