25 May 2016 (Wednesday) - Badlesmere

I slept well, but woke to find my stomach hurt even more this morning. The bruising is becoming rather impressive. Over brekkie I watched an old episode of "A Bit of Fry and Laurie". I used to enjoy that series when it first came out. I was rather disappointed to find that it hasn't stood the test of time.

I then had a little look-see on-line. I got just the teensiest bit cross with what I saw. My ex-brother in law had posted something (rather hate-inspired) on Facebook whinging about how many Mayors of various places in the UK are Muslims. Personally I think the reason that so many Mayors are Muslims is because they are the ones who've got off their arses and stood for election and their religion is utterly irrelevent to being Mayor of anything (but what do I know?)
I also saw a post with the slogan "We didn't fight 2 World Wars to be ruled by the EU". Bearing in mind the most recent of these wars was over seventy years ago are we as a nation *really* this jingoistic? And do those how post this stuff have any idea which countries were on which side during those wars?
I resisited the temptation to get in to arguments (this time).
On a lighter not I saw that there is to be (another) Doctor Who spin-off TV series. Details are somewhat sketchy at the moment. Mind you my hopes aren't high. I never liked "Sarah-Jane Adventures" or "Torchwood".
And I saw what I considered to be a blast from the past. A restaurant in West Malling owes a butcher several thousand pounds. This butcher has got fed up with waiting for his money and has taken to standing outside the restaurant with a placard saying how much the restaurant owes him.
When I was a child the local corner shop would put up posters saying how much people owed them in unpaid bills when payments weren't forthcoming. It wasn't long between the shop's starting this policy and their going bankrupt. I wonder if this butcher will go the same way?

When I got into my car the radio was giving the hourly sports bulletin. I've always maintained that sport (of any flavour) is something you do, *not* something you watch or listen to. Consequently it failed to grip my attention. It wasn't till I got to work that I realised I'd not actually listened to anything the radio had to say this morning. (Which was probably good for my blood pressure)
Instead I'd been mentally planning out a Wherigo which I hope to release with the summer picnic that I'm organising for the geo-crowd in August. It will be (loosely) based on the beetle drives I used to do as a fund-raiser with the scouts in years gone by.

I went in to work; I had toyed with asking for today as a day off. I was glad I hadn't done that; it rained for much of the morning. But it brightened up as the afternoon wore on. After work I met "er indoors TM" and "Furry Face TM" at Badlesmere and we went for a little stroll looking for places in which to conceal tupperware. It doesn't hide itself you know...

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