4 February 2011 (Friday) - Stuff

I woke with a start this morning. What I can only describe as the trumpets of hell blasted me from my slumber, and I found myself in a sulphurous murk. In a fit of panic I thought I‘d died and gone to hell. And then I realised it was only my beloved “letting rip”.
In more enlightened regimes what she did this morning is being declared illegal.

Another late start so I spent some more time mucking about on my comet presentation for the astro club. Most, if not all of the information is (probably) all there: I’ve just got to add the silly text effects and one or two trademark knob jokes. I have one minor problem with the presentation though. About a quarter of the way into the thing I have a slide titled “An Aside” which features the relative sizes of the UK and Australia. I have absolutely no idea what that is about, or whatever possessed me to put that slide in. But I can remember spending ages getting that slide together. I wonder what it’s supposed to illustrate. I hope I remember before I give the talk.
The provisional plan for this morning was to be getting to grips with my new telescope: I was expecting it to have been delivered by now. But stocktaking at the suppliers has delayed the delivery. I’m now expecting it early next week. So I spent some time in NeverWinter, where goblins are running riot.

And so to work, where I had a bit of a funny turn. I couldn’t see straight for a few minutes. Whilst working at the computer, everything suddenly appeared somewhat blurred, and I couldn’t really see anything on the screen which was in a font size much smaller than twenty. And I could see wobbly blurry moving things all round the edge of my field of vision. It was odd – I was otherwise well. I wasn’t so much worried as annoyed: I was really angry that I’d shelled out a squillion pounds on a new telescope only to be unable to look down it (!)
I had this plan that if I sat still, the episode might pass. So I did, and it did. I didn’t want to say anything to any of my colleagues, otherwise I would have been packed off to A&E (one of the advantages of working in a hospital) who would send me back again once the turn had passed, and all that would have been achieved would be that I would be an hour behind with my work. In the end, the turn went away after fifteen minutes or so.
I hope it don’t come back. I’m let wondering what it might have been. Realistically it could have been anything of over a hundred things from “one of those things” to a minor stroke. I think it was probably eye strain brought on from being too near the PC monitor, and aggravated because I might need new glasses. I’ll book an eye test to find out.

Home again where I discovered something. Everyone else in the household is having problems with the parrot. All the time she is doing what everyone else wants of her, all is fine. In fact all the time she’s not actively misbehaving, all is fine, However if she wants to go walkabout, or won’t go back into her cage, then persuading her otherwise is difficult. Sometimes she can be chivvied with a newspaper, but more often than not she bites the newspaper in a rather contemptuous manner.
“My Boy TMhas discovered that the parrot is scared of a yellow duck puppet. Not just scared – terrified. “Duckie” can be used with great effect, but must be used in a controlled way. One needs to steer the parrot as she stampedes away in terror. But it’s more effective than a newspaper. For now…

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