27 February 2011 (Sunday) - Photography

I had a quick look in NeverWinter over brekkie – I’ve not been there for a few days and it’s all gone to pot in there. I then set up my telescope in the garden and aligned the spotterscope. The idea is that it’s easier to find things with the spotterscope than the main scope. I got the thing lined up: I just hope it stays aligned after disassembly & reassembly. And once focussed onto a nearby TV aerial I had a go with the imaging software. First of all I made a video of my target object, then used the software to make an image from the video.
I’m not happy with the results, but it strikes me there’s an awful lot of fiddling about to be done to get a half-way decent photograph out of the telescope. Setting up the telescope is a job in itself, as is making sure the thing is pointing in the right direction. And having obtained a video of the target, getting a composite image out of the software is a major undertaking. But I shall persevere with it: possibly some time over the next few weeks I might take the entire setup to the top of a hill somewhere and practice in the daylight.
I saw there was a lady at the astro club who was also looking into having a go at astro-imaging: I might ask if we could set up a self-help group.

Whilst in a photographic frame of mind, Chip suggested we went on a photo-reconnaissance of Winchelsea. It’s quite a scenic village, and it lends itself to being photographed. We spent quite a bit of time at the site of the old windmill overlooking the Brede Valley, then we walked pretty much the entire village. There are information points at the north, east, south and west extremities of the parish boundaries, and we found all of them. And having seen the entire village we went into the churchyard to look for Spike Milligan’s grave. Twice before we’ve been to that graveyard on this very quest, and twice before we failed. Chip had the right idea – look for the grave that’s got all the grass trodden down around it. We found the grave in less than a minute, and paid our respects. Did you know it’s now nine years since Spike Milligan died?

We did think about popping into the New Inn for a crafty half before going home: we actually did pop into the New Inn. Four years ago (23 June 2007) I commented that the place seemed to be somewhat chaotic. Today the place seemed to be just as bad. We couldn’t get near the bar because of the hordes of people attempting (and failing) to pay their bills by credit card. The problem being the staff were unable to operate the credit card apparatus. In the twenty-first century this should surely be a straightforward operation?
We had to go through Rye on the way home, so we stopped off at the Queen’s Head for a pint. ‘er indoors TM  went for the organic stout, and Chip & me plumped for the ale from a new brewery which has started up in Bexhill. This is my second or third visit here, and I think it’s probably my favourite pub in Rye. But it has to be said that they did let themselves down a tad today with their live music.
I realise a lot of my loyal readers are musicians, and I realise that my views are (usually) those of a (very vocal) small minority. It’s been said that I dislike live music. That’s not actually the case. What I dislike are musicians who try to compensate for a lack of ability with an increase in volume. Do they not realise that one usually detracts from the music’s quality by increasing the volume? Sitting in the back bar away from the music was pleasant: the music made for a nice background. However in the actual bar the music was little more than a deafening noise.

And then home to find  “My Boy TMcleaning up the parrot’s cage. All must be in readiness for tomorrow, as her holiday is ending, and she’s going back to her real home….

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