7 February 2011 (Monday) - National Sickie Day

My piss boiled as I read the news this morning. There is a move afoot in Georgia to change some legal terminology. No longer will anyone be a victim of rape. Instead people who’ve been raped will legally be known as the “accuser”. Presumably those who actually did the raping will now be the victim of that accusation?

And so to work? I can’t help but wonder how many of us actually made the effort today. A lot of people didn’t. It would seem that every year more people phone in sick on the first Monday in February than on any other day in the year. So much so that today is actually National Sickie Day. Whether or not people are actually ill, or are just skiving is a matter of conjecture.

But I made it into work, and didn’t have the best of days. But not as bad as a colleague. Whilst sitting having lunch the poor girl started to quiver, and had a full blown epileptic fit in her chair. Not really knowing what to do for the best I grabbed her shoulders and another colleague grabbed her ankles and we laid her down on the floor; the idea being if she was already on the floor she couldn’t fall any further. As she thrashed about I supported her head so she wouldn’t bash it, and after a minute or so the fit subsided. A couple of minutes later she came round with a start, and was rather shocked to find herself on the floor with her head between my knees. (Understandable, really!) We reassured her as best we could and as she got her breath back and recovered from the excitement, so she had a second fit. Taking no chances we packed her off to the accident and emergency department.

After that excitement the podge-a-thon weigh-in came as something of an anticlimax. Bearing in mind that over the last week I’ve had fish and chips, KFC and a beer festival, it’s hardly surprising I’ve put on a few pounds. But I am still slightly less of a porker than when the diet started. I shall continue for a week or so more, but the novelty of diet is fast wearing off.

And then my phone had a funny five minutes. It announced it had had a sim card failure. I pulled its plug and rebooted it. It seems OK so far, but time will tell – it usually does….

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  1. My brother has epilepsy. It was really frighting when he had a fit - especially when I was young. One time when I was about 7 he had a fit whitst we were playing Arkanoid on the Amstrad CPC6128 and I though he was joking. When he started fuming at the mouth I got really scared and ran next door where they called an ambulance. Scary.