19 February 2011 (Saturday) - Deal

I spent a little while this morning having a look at my sexy new laptop. It seems to work OK, especially now that I’ve sorted out the networking so’s that I can access all the data on my main PC from the sexy new laptop.
I do need to sort out some software issues – specifically it needs Microsoft Office adding, and Paintshop Pro as well. I also need the webcam I ordered off of eBay over a week ago to arrive as well. I also looked at getting a gmail account. Every day I get between five and seven hundred spam emails, and my spam filter is going flat out. So much so that I feel that emails I actually want may well be going in with the rubbish that the spam filter is deleting. Over the next day or so I might be contacting my loyal readership from a new email address, and retiring the old one.

Whilst ‘er indoors TM  wandered off for the morning on a mission, I watched “Gavin & Stacey” DVDs. “My Boy TMcame home whilst I was asleep watching the telly. I think the lad must be sickening for something – he tidied up the parrot’s mess and then cooked me a fried egg sandwich. Good lad.

And once my beloved had returned home we set off to Deal for the afternoon. Terry & Irene were visiting an old friend, and we thought we’d tag along. The Bohemian is the sort of hidden gem that you’d walk straight past without giving it a second glance, unless you knew what was inside. And I’m glad we’ve found it – helpful friendly staff and an excellent ale selection. We paid the parking meter for three hours – we were in the pub for four hours, and then went for a curry.

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