5 June 2020 (Friday) - Rostered Day Off

Over brekkie I watched another episode of “Trailer Park Boys”; it was rather good. I sparked up my lap-top to find a rather dull Internet. Not much had happened at all overnight, but someone had captured my butterfly – I never knew I had one (it’s a Munzee thing…)  

We took the dogs down to Orlestone Woods where we had an incredibly good walk… I say “incredibly good walk”; it was nothing special, but after yesterday’s Pogo-disaster, today’s outing was excellent. We did our standard shorter route round the woods and didn’t meet anyone else at all. Maybe not that good for Pogo’s socialising, but certainly good for my nerves.

Once home I got on with my planned chores. I wanted to pull the grass out of the shingled areas in the garden and I wanted to wash the smeared remains of dead insects from my car’s windscreen. Amazingly I had that all done by half past nine. So I set the washing machine loose on my shirts and solved a geo-jigsaw.
With jigsaw solved I ironed shirts, and then made up geocache containers whilst watching and old favourite film of mine. I first saw “Aces High” at a cinema in Orpington with a cousin. It was rather good forty years ago – it has dated somewhat in the meantime.
As I watched the film so the doorbell rang a couple of times. Various postmen had arrived with the last of the Lego baseplates and also with the non-magnetic Lego train couplings. And the head honcho of neighbourhood watch called with some stickers for the wheelie bin. It’s a shame that "er indoors TM" says I can’t put any stickers on the wheelie bin because she has some gnome ones in mind, but such is life.
Seeing that the Lego that had arrived had been ordered long after another thing I’d ordered I thought I might chase up the outstanding package… only to find I hadn’t actually paid for it.

"er indoors TM" boiled up some cheese on toast. She ate hers in peace; I was harangued by a trio of dogs. You’d think they hadn’t been fed for weeks judging by the fuss they made.
I then went up to the attic room for a couple of hours to play Lego. I put in the new base plates, swapped out the old train couplings for the new ones, and took the windows out of the train’s carriage so that it could have some passengers. Amazingly those simple little things took over two hours to do.
I made a little video and posted it to Facebook.

With the rain still coming down I solved another geo-puzzle and failed to solve several more, then had a look at the map and pondered walks we might do and places I might hide caches until it was time for tea.
As we scoffed tea we watched the last episode of “Ricky & Ralf’s Very Northern Road Trip” and then a documentary about a railway trip from Vancouver to Banff. The railway trip across the Rockies from Vancouver is one I’d love to do. "er indoors TM" isn’t up for it… if any of my loyal readers have a spare fortnight (and a few thousand quid)…

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