20 June 2020 (Saturday) - Edenbridge

I slept reasonably well despite a nightmare in which one of the young ladies of the geocaching fraternity was getting overly friendly with me at a geo-meet. I found it rather awkward, and it was with something of a sense of relief that I woke in a cold sweat.
Over brekkie I peered into the Internet to see what I had missed overnight. Again not much had kicked off overnight really, but I saw that the geocaches I’ve hidden have accumulated eleven more favourite points since yesterday. There are those who go mad for the favourite points… personally I don’t. I’ve only used about half the favourite points I have to give out – I’ve still got several hundred I could award but haven’t.
I captured four bouncers (it’s a Munzee thing) and got ready for the off.

As we drove up the motorway we listened to Radio Ashford in the hope that Steve was on. He wasn’t. His stunt double wasn’t that good. She’s got over the hesitancy and stammering, but now she needs to move the microphone away when she breathes; it is rather off-putting to have the presenter of the radio show gasping for air.
We would have got to Edenbridge quicker if not for all the cyclists in the way, but we soon met up with Karl, Tracey and Charlotte in a random lay-by not far from Edenbridge. Ignoring the car which had clearly been abandoned there, we set off on a little walk following the new “Edenbridge Bimble” series of geocaches.

The route was rather good; we walked through fields of sheep. We chatted with the nice lady on the bench in the high street. She loved the dogs and completely missed our finding the geocache on which she was nearly sitting, doing the secret rituals and putting it back. We struggled to find our way through the golf course (why do golf courses never clearly mark the public footpaths?). We met some friendly cows who weren’t at all fazed by Pogo shouting at them. We had a very good picnic in the sunshine. We found office chairs thrown in hedgerows and fridge-freezers abandoned along country lanes (the people of Edenbridge do like to fly-tip)
After nearly eleven miles we found ourselves back where we’d started.

Geocaching-wise… I don’t want to be negative. Someone has clearly gone to a lot of time and effort to hide a rather extensive geo-series. And we had been told this wasn’t an easy series.
I have always said that people who hide geocaches fall into two categories; those who want their caches found and those who don’t. This series is definitely in the second camp. There were some fiendishly difficult hides with seriously under-scored difficulty rating. And whilst the hints given were supposedly “tongue-in-cheek” we found them either very misleading or of no help whatsoever. It says a lot that whilst sixteen people before us had started off walking the series, we were only the sixth to get to the final cache.
For the experienced cachers this is a good challenging series. However to the newbies and the families out for a bit of fun this will be disheartening. We found and signed the log of every cache, but we had been following another group who hadn’t been anywhere near as successful as we had been.
As I usually do, I took a few photos as we walked.

We Munzeed on the way home, and then I came second to last in the Saturday night Zoom quiz.
Daddy’s Little Angel TM" arrived with McDonalds, left us babysitting Sid and went off to visit her mates. Sid is looking well… I’m feeling rather rough. Too much sun today possibly?

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