23 June 2020 (Tuesday) - Before the Night Shift

I slept for eight hours – that was rather good. I made some toast and peered into a rather dull internet for a
few minutes until "er indoors TM" got up.
We got the dogs on to their leads and went down to Orlestone Woods. I was rather concerned that we might have a repeat of Sunday’s “rabbit incident” (even though the rabbit that they killed was the only rabbit I have ever seen down there). As we walked Pogo and Treacle were obviously hunting; they were sniffing and swarming and chasing into the undergrowth far more than they usually do. They didn’t find anything, but they definitely remembered the “kill zone” and swarmed there for some time before moving on.
As we walked we met a couple of other dog walkers; one large Labrador jumped up at me. I was rather pleased about that – it is not just my dogs that make nuisances of themselves.

One home I popped up to the corner shop. I was rather annoyed to see parking tickets on a couple of cars that weren’t in anyone’s way. Commuters can park on the double yellow lines and go to London and come back twelve hours later (leaving their cars causing serious obstructions) and the traffic wardens don’t have an issue. But there is a little area round the corner where you can park two cars out of harm’s way. For no apparent reason the council have painted double yellow lines there, and the traffic wardens give tickets to the residents who park overnight.
Go figure.
I spent ten minutes watching the antics of a huge lorry who had got himself stuck in the local back streets. Back in the day our road used to be the main road in and out of Ashford, but the bypass was built about twenty years ago. Surely word would have got out about that by now?

I got a couple of croissants for our coffee break and a sandwich for the night shift, then turned on my lap-top. After an age it finally updated itself and told me that I would now be smurfing the net (!) using Microsoft Edge as my browser. I told it I would not, and after a little while I managed to undo most of the damage that the update had done.
I wish it wouldn’t do that.
I then started going through all the card receipts in my wallet. The trouble with contactless payment is that it is easy to spend a fortune without realising that you’ve done so.  I chased up a Lego order which hasn’t arrived, then fiddled a little with the admin for my new geo-series. All that remains is to go hide them all.

I spent a little while playing Lego. The vicarage was never really to scale; it was a bit small. I enlarged it a bit and gave it a balcony and a gazebo-pergola thingy on the top. I’ve got a clock face to put on it somewhere… if only I could remember what I’d done with it.

"er indoors TM" boiled up some cheese on toast which I scoffed whilst the dogs watched intently, then I went off to bed for the afternoon where I dozes for a couple of hours. It was a bit too hot to sleep well.

I played a little “Cookie Jam”; why is it that Facebook games are seen as a waste of time where a jogsaw puzzle is not?
"er indoors TM" is boiling up some chicken and chips, and then I’m off to the night shift…

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